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Improving Child Nutrition: The Report

16 Apr 2013
Nutrition report cover
Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of children’s lives can have irreversible consequences. For millions of children, it means they are, forever, stunted. Smaller than their non-stunted peers, stunted children are more susceptible to sickness. In school, they often fall behind in class. They enter adulthood more likely to become overweight and more prone to non-communicable disease. And when they start work, they often earn less than their non-stunted co-workers. It is difficult to think of a greater injustice than robbing a child, in the womb and in infancy, of the ability to fully develop his or her talents throughout life.

This report shows that we can attain that target. Countries like Ethiopia, Haiti, Nepal, Peru and Rwanda are leading the way, quickly scaling up equity-focused initiatives. Committed to results, they are achieving progress through advocacy, better allocation of resources and investments in tailored policies and programmes.

Download the report in English, French and Spanish