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Consultancy for the adjustment of the MODA web portal

17 Apr 2013
UNICEF Office of Research, Innocenti, has as its prime objectives to improve international understanding of the issues relating to children’s rights, to promote economic policies that advance the cause of children, and to help facilitate full implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child universally.

The Centre’s research aims to advise decision-makers in government, the private sector and civil society, to influence policies and spending priorities for children, and to provide a solid evidence-base to inform UNICEF programme interventions in countries across the globe.

UNICEF Office of Research is currently looking for a consultant for adjusting its MODA webportal and background materials for South America.

We are looking for candidates with the following backgrounds:

- Advanced Degree in Social sciences or related field
- Experience in translations from English to Spanish
- Ability to organize own work and work according to deadlines
- Familiarity with MODA tool

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, CV and P11 form (which can be downloaded from our website at to with subject line "MODA Webportal - South America" by 25 April 2013, at 17.00 local time (GMT+1).

Please indicate your ability, availability and daily rate to undertake the terms of reference above. Applications without a rate quoted will not be considered.

Consultancy for the adjustment of the MODA web portal and background materials for South America.

15 April - 15 July 2013

OFFICE OF RESEARCH - Social and Economic Policies (SEP)

1. Background

The UNICEF Office of Research, Innocenti, has within its objectives to ensure that high quality research contributes more effectively to the evidence-base informing UNICEF policies, programme and advocacy as well as that of its partners.

The MODA (Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis) tool that has been developed in 2012 in collaboration with UNICEF’s Department of Policy and Strategy is being further implemented and new research will be started on the links with the monitoring tools within MoRES framework.

MODA is accessible from the Office of Research website through an embedded interactive portal. The web-based access guarantees that users can select the information that is most important to them and can adjust some of the choices made in CC-MODA.

2. Objective(s):

This consultancy has the objective to adjust the MODA and background material for South America.

3. Specific activities to be completed to achieve the objectives

A) Adjustment of the main parts of the web portal for Latin America
B) Adjustment of the background papers:
a) Cross-Country MODA study, Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis Technical Note
b) MODA, Step-by-step guideline to the MODA
c) Adjustment of country - specific data

4. Specific outputs/products/results with specific delivery dates:

Under the guidance of the supervisor the consultant will be responsible for delivering the following products in electronic format:

- Main part of the web portal adjusted for Spanish-speaking countries
- Adjusted Background papers for Spanish-speaking countries
- Adjusted country specific data

Date & deliverables

30 May 2013: Adjusted main text, figures and graphs of the MODA webportal
30 June 2013: Adjusted technical note on CC MODA
30 July 2013: Adjusted background papers (step-by step) on N-MODA and country-specific data
5. Evaluation of performance

The performance will be evaluated against timely delivery of outputs, and the quality of translation must be acceptable without major revisions.

6. Qualifications and/or specialized knowledge/experience required and desirable for undertaking the assignment:

- Advanced Degree in Social sciences or related field
- Experience in translations from English to Spanish
- Ability to organize own work
- Familiarity with MODA tool

7. Duration of the consultancy: 3 months 1 May to 31 July 2013

8. Supervision and work arrangements:

The consultant will work under the supervision of the Chief Social and Economic Policy.

The consultant will work at the Office of Research premises in a shared office or at other UNICEF offices.