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Five questions with Dr. Fidelia Dake on researching on impacts of cash transfers in Africa

By Amber Peterman
30 Nov 2018

Reflecting on research at UNICEF Innocenti: 3 numbers that show the value of research on social protection

By Jose Cuesta
23 Nov 2018

School bullying harms everyone, not just the victims

By Yekaterina Chzhen
12 Nov 2018

Three windows of opportunity - Using science to inform programming for adolescents and young people

By Prerna Banati, Elena Camilletti
03 Oct 2018

What we know and what we don't know about youth gangs in Latin America

By Cirenia Chavez
27 Sep 2018

Mind the gender gap: How can a gender-norm lens improve social protection outcomes for adolescents?

By Tia Palermo , Maja Gavrilovic
20 Sep 2018

Niger: the nowhere land where children on the move are someone else’s problem as Europe and North Africa tighten their borders

By Sarah Crowe
24 Jul 2018

5 Questions with Kerry Albright, Chief of Research Facilitation and Knowledge Management at Innocenti

By Kerry Albright
05 Jul 2018

New Technologies: Rich Source of Data or Ethical Minefield for Researchers?

By Gabrielle Berman, Angie Lee
22 Jun 2018

Administrative Data: Missed opportunity for learning and research in humanitarian emergencies?

By Elisabetta Aurino, Tilman Brück, Silvio Daidone , Luisa Natali, Benjamin Schwab
21 Jun 2018

No Lost Generation: Cash transfers for displaced Syrian children in Lebanon

By Jacobus De Hoop
05 Jun 2018

30.6 million new internal displacements in 2017, children are among the most vulnerable

By Vicente Anzellini, Bina D'Costa
17 May 2018

A ‘toxic cocktail’: How life on the margins can exacerbate children’s vulnerability to violence

By Alina Potts, Lanie Stockman
06 Apr 2018

Progress in measuring global school enrollment gaps for children with disabilities

By Suguru Mizunoya
21 Mar 2018

Getting a clearer picture of child poverty in the Arab States

By Lucia Ferrone
08 Mar 2018

Positive and negative spirals and the plasticity of the adolescent brain

By Nikola Balvin
06 Mar 2018

Opening the black box: Cash transfers and post-intervention research

By Luisa Natali
23 Feb 2018

Who perpetrates violence against children? Five findings from a global review

By Amber Peterman, Karen Devries, Claudia Cappa
15 Feb 2018

How voluntary guardianship for unaccompanied minors took root in Sicily

By Iolanda Genovese
13 Feb 2018

Zhang Haibo is taking children’s opinions about digital technology seriously

By Daniel Kardefelt Winther
01 Feb 2018

Measuring taboo topics: List randomization for research on gender-based violence

By Amber Peterman, Tia Palermo
10 Jan 2018


Challenges of parental responsibility in the digital age: a global perspective

By Sonia Livingstone, Jasmina Byrne
11 Dec 2017

Seven strategies for government cash transfers from marketing-savvy NGOs

By Amber Peterman, Pamela Dale
08 Dec 2017

Lessons from Lebanon in preventing violence against women and girls

By Alina Potts
01 Dec 2017

Children and migration decisions: Evidence from the Gallup World Poll

By Sara Burrone, Bina D'Costa, Goran Holmqvist
16 Nov 2017

Migration, hate speech and media ethics

By Patrizia Faustini
08 Nov 2017

How to halve poverty in all its dimensions by 2030

By Yekaterina Chzhen, Lucia Ferrone
19 Oct 2017

Are randomized control trials bad for children?

By Tia Palermo
18 Oct 2017

When over 500 minds converge to prevent gender-based violence

By Amber Peterman, Alina Potts
09 Oct 2017

Do the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros need seven measures of child deprivation?

By Lucia Ferrone
26 Sep 2017

Adolescent girls in Europe and Canada at a higher risk of multidimensional poverty than boys

By Yekaterina Chzhen
15 Sep 2017

What is gender socialization and why does it matter?

By Nikola Balvin
18 Aug 2017

‘Nobody will answer you if you talk’: The case for research on trafficking in emergencies

By Alina Potts
17 Aug 2017

Youth engagement as a pathway to peace

By Nikola Balvin
16 Aug 2017

Evidence over Ideology: Giving Unconditional Cash in Africa

By Amber Peterman, Silvio Daidone
02 Aug 2017

Realities of introducing new technology in schools: A student’s experience

By Miranda Cook
26 Jul 2017

Climate change, psychology and peace: Mitigating the impacts on children

By Ann Sanson
12 Jul 2017

Do social services contribute to peacebuilding?

By Friedrich Affolter
07 Jul 2017

Big Data, Ethics and Children

By Gabrielle Berman
30 Jun 2017

League tables apart: Report Card 14 League Table on children and the SDGs

By Dominic Richardson
28 Jun 2017

We cannot end child poverty in Europe without measuring all of its dimensions

By Yekaterina Chzhen
14 Jun 2017

Child and adolescent mental health key indicators of progress toward SDG targets

By Zlata Bruckauf
14 Jun 2017

Improving school systems from beyond school walls

By Dominic Richardson
21 Apr 2017

Responses to the global recession: How have children been affected?

By Yekaterina Chzhen
13 Apr 2017

Seven briefs for seven adolescent research challenges

By John Santelli
07 Apr 2017

Investigating the drivers of violence affecting children in Viet Nam

By Mary Catherine Maternowska
04 Apr 2017

Famines and stunting: Are adolescents the hardest hit?

By Goran Holmqvist
27 Mar 2017

Is longitudinal research the best response to the ‘post-truth’ order?

By Prerna Banati
10 Mar 2017

The social realities of making evidence matter in development

By Sarah Cook
06 Mar 2017

What can Harry Potter teach us about multidimensional child poverty?

By Lucia Ferrone
03 Mar 2017

Children bear the cost of extreme weather: New evidence from Mongolia

By Valeria Groppo
21 Feb 2017

Can researchers and journalists find a common language?

By Rayyan Sabet-Parry
30 Jan 2017