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Inclusive education for exceptional children in Egypt and the US: reforming Egyptian inclusive education system in post-pandemic world

Noha Abbas

Published: January 2023   Journal: Gulf Education and Social Policy Review
Inclusive education means that exceptional children (EC) can fully participate in the learning process alongside their typically developing peers, supported by reasonable accommodations and teaching strategies that are tailored to meet their individual needs. The main goal of inclusion policies for EC is to provide high-quality education for all without discrimination and to ensure the implementation of equal opportunity principles. The primary purpose of this study is to explore the reality of inclusive education systems in Egypt and the United States (US) and to develop a better understanding of similarities and differences and thus identify the lessons learned. The study applied a comparative analysis method.
Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and self-protective measures of postpartum women regarding COVID 19

A. Ali Doha; Entisar M. Youness; A. Ahmed Amal

Published: December 2022   Journal: Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal

Because of the physiological changes and a resulting immune-compromised state that render postpartum women more susceptible to COVID-19. This study aims to assess the levels of postpartum women's knowledge, attitudes and self-protective measures regarding COVID 19. Dscriptive cross sectional study design at Sohag University Hospital on 350 postpartum women by using an interviewing questionnaire, assess postpartum women`s knowledge and Likert scale to assess attitudes toward COVID -19 infection& prevention. 

Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 10 | Issue: 33 | No. of pages: 64-75 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: COVID-19, infectious disease, postnatal care, pregnancy, pregnant women | Countries: Egypt
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among parents of children with chronic liver diseases

Sally Waheed Elkhadry; Tahany Abd El Hameed Salem; Abdelhamid Elshabrawy (et al.)

Published: December 2022   Journal: Vaccines
Children with chronic medical conditions are more susceptible to developing a serious negative outcome from corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) than healthy children. This study investigated the extent of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (VH) and its predictors in parents of children with chronic liver disease (CLD) in Egypt. A cross-sectional study was conducted at the National Liver Institute from September to October 2022, using a random sampling method. Data were collected using the validated Arabic version of parents’ attitudes about childhood vaccines (PACV) scale. Structural equation modeling (SEM) and discriminant analysis were used to identify direct and indirect determinants of VH.
Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 10 | Issue: 12 | No. of pages: 13 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: child health, COVID-19, disabled children, immunization, immunization programmes, pandemic, vaccination, vaccination policies | Countries: Egypt
Preschool teachers' practices of online learning during the pandemic: insights from Egypt

Ahmed Hassan Hemdan Mohamed; Samah Abd Al Fatah; Mohamed Marzouk

Published: November 2022   Journal: Education 3-13
The purpose of this study was to examine preschool teachers’ practices of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 389 preschool teachers from 48 preschools (governmental, experimental, private, and international) in greater Cairo, Egypt responded to a survey in the Fall semester of 2021/2022. The survey was comprised of seven subscales (45 items) that represented teachers’ online practices during the pandemic. The multiple linear regression analysis showed that teachers’ online learning practices in private and international schools outperformed those in other schools. Teachers who have a teaching experience (11–20 years) outperformed other teachers. Teachers who had training related to online learning showed better practices than other teachers who had not. The multivariate analysis of variance showed that there are statistically significant differences according to the type of school.
Effect of tele nursing on health outcomes of children with rheumatic arthritis and satisfaction of their caregivers during Covid-19 pandemic

Hemat Mostafa Amer; Elham S. Elzyen; Doaa A. Zayed (et al.)

Published: November 2022   Journal: Egyptian Journal of Health Care
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is autoimmune illness which mostly affects the joints. Access to care and rheumatic arthritis outcomes and satisfaction may be improved by utilizing the tele-nursing especially during the outbreak of COVID-19. This study aims to investigate the effect of tele nursing on health outcomes of children with rheumatic arthritis and satisfaction of their caregivers during Covid 19 pandemic. Three out patients’ clinics of rheumatology were selected from; Menoufia University hospital, Teaching hospital and school health insurance clinics. A purposive sample of 120 students were selected and divided equally to study and control group. Data was collected using The Arabic form of The Juvenile Arthritis Multidimensional Assessment Report & Client Satisfaction Questionnaire.
Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 14 | Issue: 1 | No. of pages: 19 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: child health, COVID-19 response, disabled children, health services, lockdown, social distance, teleworking | Countries: Egypt
Severity of COVID‐19 infection in pregnancy and adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes: a retrospective study in a tertiary center

Paul Naseef; Ayman Abou Elnour; Ahmed Ramy

Published: November 2022   Journal: Reproductive, Female and Child Health

This study aimed to estimate the association between the severity of maternal SARS-CoV2 disease and adversity of maternal and neonatal outcomes. A retrospective single-site descriptive study was conducted, where the records of pregnant women, universally screened for COVID-19 infection, with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV2 disease during the period from March 2020 to March 2021 were reviewed. Patients were divided into two groups: an asymptomatic/mild disease group and a moderate/severe disease group. Maternal outcomes, including the incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)/pre-eclampsia, cesarean section (CS) rates, maternal intensive care unit (ICU) admission rates, and neonatal outcomes, including preterm birth, low birth weight, and neonatal ICU (NICU) admission rates, were compared in both study groups.

Factors affecting Egyptian mothers' intentions to vaccinate their children against COVID-19: a cross sectional study in Egypt

Hala Saied; Nahla Abdelnaby Elkandoz; Basma Mahamoud AbdElhamid Dawood (et al.)

Published: November 2022   Journal: Tanta Scientific Nursing Journal
The rapid increase in the COVID-19 cases among children needs more attention from health care workers especially nurses. The rapid expansion of vaccines covering children is an important factor for combating this catastrophic pandemic. This study aimed to investigate factors affecting Egyptian mothers' intentions to vaccinate their children against COVID-19. A descriptive cross-sectional design was utilized in this study. The study was carried out at pediatric outpatient clinics at Tanta University Hospital. 1200 mothers who had children under the age of 18 were recruited to participate in this study. A structured interview questionnaire that had three parts. The first part covered the socio-demographic characteristics of the mothers, the second part measured mothers’ vaccination intention, factors affecting their intentions and the third part was assessing the mothers' trust in the recommended COVID-19 vaccination schedule.
The usefulness of modified distress thermometer in screening adolescents with COVID-19 for psychological distress: a prospective study

Yasser Gamal; Sherif Mohamed; Yaser F. Abdel Raheem (et al.)

Published: November 2022   Journal: Pediatric Pulmonology

Children and adolescents are more vulnerable than other age groups to the psychosocial effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The modified DT (m-DT) was recently utilized for measuring the prevalence of psychological distress among adult COVID-19 patients. The current study  aimed to test the utilization of this m-DT in screening adolescent patients with COVID-19 for psychological distress. Egyptian adolescent subjects with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 at a University Hospital were enrolled. Binary logistic regression tests were conducted to explore the association between the m-DT cutoff scores of 4 and the clinical variables.

Assessment of children's exposure to air pollutants in urban residences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mahmoud M. M. Abdel-Salam

Published: October 2022   Journal: Frontiers in Environmental Science
Indoor air pollution has been associated with adverse health effects. Sensitive people such as children spend much time at home. It is therefore important to know whether our children breath clean air inside their residences or not. Monitoring of PM10, PM2.5, TVOCs, CO, and CO2 concentrations was conducted for 24 h in 36 urban residences in Alexandria—Egypt, simultaneously outdoors and indoors (living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens), during the summer season. During the COVID-19 pandemic, children spend 98% of their time at home (49% in living rooms, 47% in bedrooms, and 2% in kitchens).
Stay-at-home myopia among school children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Moataz A. Sallam; Mohammed A. Mohammed; Mohamed M. Karrar (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: Medical hypothesis, discovery & innovation in optometry

Uncorrected myopia represents a major cause of visual disability in children, especially in low-

income and middle-income countries. However, there is still debate about the effect of e-learning and “stay-at-home” guidelines on the refractive status of school children, especially in the absence of long-term follow-up data. This study aimed to assess the impact of stay-at-home enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic on myopia progression in students in the Suez Canal Area, Egypt. This longitudinal observational study included 1650 students. All students aged 8–15 years with visual complaints, who had attended routine annual vision checks since 2018, were enrolled and assessed  annually for myopia progression until 2021. Cycloplegic and noncycloplegic refraction, axial length (AL), corneal curvature, and uncorrected and best-corrected distance visual acuity were measured. The participants were administered a questionnaire that focused mainly on collecting information on their visual habits

Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 3 | Issue: 1 | No. of pages: 7 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: child health, COVID-19 response, health services, lockdown, social distance | Countries: Egypt
Effect of social-platform psycho-education regarding children's health on mothers' knowledge, practice, and anxiety during Covid-19 outbreak

Fatma Mohamed Amin; Soma Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim; Hussein M. Magdi (et al.)

Published: September 2022   Journal: Egyptian Journal of Health Care
The existence of a pandemic disease such as COVID-19 may raise the disease's risk among children, which can have several negative implications, including increased concern and anxiety among mothers over their children's health and physical and mental well-being. This study aims to investigate the effect of social-platform psycho-educational regarding children's health on mothers' knowledge, practice, and anxiety during covid-19 outbreak.
Parents' perception of COVID-19 risk of infection and intention to vaccinate their children

Hamdy Khaled Sabra; Mostafa Abdulraheem Bakr; Omar El Sayed Mohmed Rageh (et al.)

Published: August 2022   Journal: Vacunas

Parent's perception of the COVID-19 vaccines is very important to protect themselves and their children and achieve maximum effect of vaccination programs. This study aims to evaluate the perception and attitude of parents towards COVID-19 risk of infection and intentions to vaccinate their children. It is a cross-sectional study including 1032 participants who have children aged from 5 to 18 years using a structured questionnaire.

Mothers' health practices regarding care of their epileptic children during restriction of COVID-19 outbreak

Azza Mohamed Fathy Attia; Hala Samir Ahmed El-husseiny; Rehab Abd El Aziz El Sayed Abd El Aziz

Published: July 2022   Journal: International Egyptian Journal of Nursing Sciences and Research
Currently, the COVID-19 is considered one of the most severe health problems in the world. One of the most important chronic diseases common among children that need treatment for a long time is epilepsy, whose provision of appropriate medical treatment at the time of Corona has become one of the most considerable difficulties facing society during the pandemic outbreak. The aim is to assess the health practices of the mothers regarding caring for their children with epilepsy during the COVID-19 outbreak. A descriptive design was utilized to perform the study. The Setting: The present study has performed the outpatient at the Psychological hospital, and Al-Naser Specialized Hospital for children in Port Said city, Egypt.
Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 3 | Issue: 1 | No. of pages: 337-356 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: care of disabled children, COVID-19 response, health services, lockdown, maternal care, social distance | Countries: Egypt
Impact of home confinement due to COVID-19 outbreaks on stress levels and coping patterns of mothers and their children's behaviors

Eman Wardany; Heba Ibrahem

Published: June 2022   Journal: International Egyptian Journal of Nursing Sciences and Research

In the fight against COVID-19, the majority of the population around the world had to stay in their homes in addition workplaces, schools, shops, and restaurants were shut down. Home confinement and social distancing strategies resulted in parenting stress and changes in children’s behaviors during the covid pandemic. This study aims to assess the impact of home confinement due to COVID-19 outbreaks on stress levels and coping patterns of mothers and their children’s behaviors. Method and design: a descriptive research design was carried out at the maternal and child health center at Kafrelsheikh Governorate, Egypt, on (194) mothers and their accompanied children (194). An interview questionnaire sheet was used to collect data about the characteristics of mothers and their children.

Effect of COVID-19 infection on psychological aspects of pre-schooler children: a cross-sectional study

Gellan K. Ahmed; Sayed Mostafa; Khaled Elbeh (et al.)

Published: June 2022   Journal: Middle East Current Psychiatry
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) had a tremendous effect on individual’s lives worldwide. The pandemic’s significant socioecological impact is one of the many burdens children confront in the current crises. As a result, this study was designed to determine the psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on preschoolers, particularly the consequences of COVID-19 infection. This study involved 138 children aged 2–5.11 years old who were classified into two groups based on their COVID-19 infection history, which was documented via a PCR test. All participants were assessed by the Socioeconomic Scale and The Children’s Behavior Checklist (CBCL).
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