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Videoconferencing fatigue and online student engagement among Filipino senior high school students: a mixed methods study

Mikaela Jasmin F. Dacillo; Jhoana Katrina M. Dizon; Earl Johann T. Ong (et al.)

Published: November 2022   Journal: Frontiers in Education

The ubiquity of online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic induced the widespread use of videoconferencing applications. However, the prolonged use of these applications can lead to videoconferencing fatigue. Drawing from an online survey sample of 215 senior high school students from a selected private university in Manila, Philippines, this mixed methods study examines videoconferencing fatigue and its relationship with online student engagement (OSE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study utilized a convergent triangulation research design. The quantitative strand was cross-sectional in nature. The constructs were measured using the Zoom Exhaustion and Fatigue Scale and Online Student Engagement Scale. Bivariate and multivariate statistical tests were used to determine the significance of the relationships between variables. The qualitative strand utilized a descriptive design. Narrative data were collected through an open-ended survey question and analyzed using content analysis.

Learning behavior towards modular instruction, sex, and academic performance in English of Grade 7 public high school students

Christiany Joy S. Lazaro; Chona G. Mascuñana

Published: November 2022   Journal: Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies

Learning behavior is accounted to be pivotal to academic success. During the pandemic, concerns about students’ learning behavior toward Printed Modular Distance Learning (PMDL) modality were put to consideration. Thus, using descriptive-correlational analysis, this study examined the extent of learning behavior (LB) in English PMDL of 242 Grade 7 students in a district in Northern Negros. The level of English academic performance was identified and correlated with the extent of LB. For data collection, an English test and a contextualized LB Scale were given. Using percentage, weighted mean, Mann-Whitney U test, and Spearman rank correlation, the results yielded a high extent of LB toward English PMDL and an average level of academic performance as a whole and by sex. The difference in the extent of Attention-Persistence behavior was insignificant in terms of sex while females’ extent of Competence-Motivation, Attitude toward Learning, and Strategy/Flexibility were significantly higher than males. The level of English academic performance was also insignificant according to sex. Lastly, no correlation was found between learners’ extent of LB in PMDL and the level of English academic performance. Although learners still fell short in achieving higher academic performance in consideration of stronger interplaying factors, the findings still shed light on the learners’ status during pandemic where positive behaviors were displayed. The findings may serve as basis to revisit the PMDL implementation, and craft contextualized English 7 materials and enhancement programs to fill the language gaps of learners during the school year.

Cite this research | Open access | No. of pages: 37-58 | Language: English | Topics: Education | Tags: child education, COVID-19 response, learning, lockdown, social distance | Countries: Philippines
Parent's engagement in the learning needs of learners with Down syndrome in the new normal education

Jeny Hinggo; Janus Naparan; Genesis Naparan

Published: October 2022   Journal: International Journal of Theory and Application in Elementary and Secondary School Education
This study probed parental engagement in the learning needs of the learners with Down syndrome (DS) in their homes in Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines, during this new normal education. Parents of a child with DS were the primary participants of this study. Merriam’s case study approach was utilized as a research design. Multiple data sources were considered, such as interview transcripts and observation notes during the actual interview.
Social support, self-efficacy, and spirituality of adolescents: a structural equation model of their personal resilience during a pandemic

E. Amarillo Girlie; Cris John Bryan Dela Cruz

Published: October 2022   Journal: American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation
The research identified the best fit model of personal resilience among 400 adolescents during a pandemic in Region XII, Philippines. A quantitative non-experimental method employing descriptive-correlation approach was utilized. The study applied mean, multiple regression, Pearson-product moment correlation, and structural equation modeling in analyzing the data.
Effectiveness of modular learning approach among secondary school students during pandemic in Zambales, Philippines

Redentor E. Serrano; Elizabeth N. Farin

Published: September 2022   Journal: Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies

The world experienced the COVID-19 Pandemic, which severely affected the quality of Education, especially in the Philippines. The option was to change the face-to-face approach to a modular approach. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of the modular learning approach to students’ academic performance. The study was conducted in Sta. Cruz District in the province of Zambales, Philippines. A Descriptive Research Design was employed. A total of one hundred fifty-four (154) teacher-respondents were randomly selected. There was a significant difference in the perception towards dimensions on the level of effectiveness in the implementation of modular learning approach as to Technical Support, Subject Content, Construction, Delivery and Retrieval Mechanism, Assessment of Student Achievement, Adherence to IATF Health Observance Protocols, and School and Local Government Unit Support. This modality's modular learning approach has improved and increased students’ academic performance. The students were rated “Satisfactory” in their academic performance. On the other hand, there is a negligible relationship between academic performance and the level of effectiveness in implementing the modular learning approach.

Listening to Filipino parents' voices during distance learning of their children amidst COVID-19

Abdul Wahid I Tocalo

Published: July 2022   Journal: Education 3-13
Given that the experiences of Filipino parents around distance learning education amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been overlooked in research, this study used an embedded mixed methods design to survey 837 Filipino parents’ needs regarding distance learning of their children under primary level during the pandemic.
Bullying and other risk factors related to adolescent suicidal behaviours in the Philippines: a look into the 2011 GSHS Survey

Hsuan Chiu; Elisabeth Julie Vargo

Published: July 2022   Journal: BMC Psychiatry

The present study retrospectively examined gender differences in bullying and suicidal behaviour (ideation, plan, and attempts) as well as associations between selected risk factors and suicidal behaviour among secondary school Filipino students. The study used a secondary data set from the GSHS developed by the World Health Organization, which was conducted in the Philippines in 2011. Participants included 5290 Filipino students (male N = 2279, female N = 2986). A two-tailed Chi-square of independence was used to test for gender differences and a multivariate logistic regression model explored statistical associations between risk factors and outcome variables.

Online distance learning readiness of senior high school students in a Philippine public school

Joenel D. Coros; Mishel P. Coros

Published: June 2022   Journal: Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies,

The unprecedented arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic made the schools in the country adopt online mediums and platforms, so that learning may continue without causing potential harm to every student's health. Due to the non-availability of data on online distance learning readiness of senior high school students in Public Senior High School X, together with the dearth of literature that could guide school administrators and stakeholders in the school in crafting empirically established programs, projects, and innovation, the study was conducted. The study employed a descriptive-comparative and -correlational approach. It was participated by 346 senior high school students determined through multi-stage sampling. Their level of online distance learning readiness was assessed using a standardized instrument. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, Mann-Whitney U test, and Spearman rho rank correlation.

Re-imagining the religious beliefs and cultural practices of indigenous christian youth

Fides A. Del Castillo

Published: June 2022   Journal: Religions
This paper aims to understand better the religious beliefs and cultural practices of Cordilleran Christian youth in the Philippines. By zooming in on the notions of God and practices of select Cordilleran Christian youth, this study endeavors to make the voices of indigenous Christian youth heard. Using the framework of Laylayan theology, this study explores the perspectives of the indigenous Christian youth on God, traditional practices, and lived experience, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results show the interconnectedness of faith and culture among select indigenous youth during this contemporary period. Their lived religious context informs society on the dialogue of life and experience.
Lived experiences of teachers, parents, and learners in science amidst pandemic

Bon Eric Arceo Besonia; Lyka Francisco Magnate

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide. Policies were created and implemented to guide the schools to offer flexible learning. Nevertheless, its implementation was partly in favor of those on the mainland. So, the author explored the lived experiences of teachers, parents, and learners in Science about their problems encountered, coping mechanisms, and perception of the learning modality in an island school. With this, an in-depth interview was employed to gather the data and was triangulated through observation and focus group discussion. Thematic analysis revealed that the complexity of the topics, the conduct of experiments and its materialization, and the unreliability scores of the learners were Science teachers' problems; their coping mechanisms were teacher-parent communication, additional learning resources, and house-to-house visitation; their perceptions disclosed that the learning modality is difficult.
Unplanned pregnancy among secondary students during the Covid 19 pandemic: a phenomenological study

Carmel Vip C. Derasin; Lloyd Vincent C. Derasin; Carren Joy G. De Pedro (et al.)

Published: April 2022   Journal: International Journal of Science and Management Studies
The study focused on Teenage Pregnancy among Secondary Students during the Covid 19- Pandemic. The study made use of hermeneutic phenomenological research design in exploring the Lived experiences of teen mothers. The informants of the study are the five teen mothers. The informants were selected using a purposive sampling procedure. in addition, the study was conducted in different parts of Cebu Province and the Colaizzi method was used by the researchers to analyze the data. The study yielded seven themes which include; (1) engaging in sexual intercourse for fun, (2) unplanned pregnancy, (3) Financial Difficulties, (4) Postponing education, (5) Ridicule from the Neighbors, (6) Physical and Emotional Abuse and (7). Joy and Happiness. Moreover, the study revealed that Teenagers who become pregnant face numerous hurdles and hardships in their lives which were intensified by the current pandemic yet despite these obstacles, they are happy and fulfilled as mothers, and they are optimistic and determined to overcome these obstacles for the sake of their child's future.
Teletherapy for children with developmental disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines: a mixed-methods evaluation from the perspectives of parents and therapists

Kathlynne F. Eguia; Catherine M. Capio

Published: January 2022   Journal: Child: Care, Health and Development

As a response to the lockdown associated with COVID-19 in the Philippines, therapy services for children with developmental disorders shifted to telehealth (i.e., teletherapy). This study evaluated the delivery of teletherapy from the perspectives of parents and therapists. Participants consisted of parents (n = 47) and therapists (n = 102) of children with developmental disorders who were receiving teletherapy during the lockdown. A mixed-methods triangulation design-convergence model was adopted; participants were invited to respond to an online survey with closed- and open-ended questions. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive and non-parametric inferential tests, while qualitative data were examined using thematic analysis.

Single mothering during the COVID-19 pandemic: a remote photovoice project among Filipino single mothers working from home

Mary Rose Jean Andrada-Poa; Ronaldo F. Jabal; Jerome V. Cleofas (et al.)

Published: December 2021   Journal: Community, Work & Family
Family and work lives are continually transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Single parent families may be disproportionately affected by prolonged confinement and work-from-home (WFH) arrangements. This photovoice study explores how single mothering is shaped by WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic using an ecological perspective. Fifteen (15) single mothers participated in this remote photovoice project that was facilitated through digital and Internet-mediated methods. The mothers took photographs of daily home and work life highlights. These photographs were used to guide the one-on-one interviews conducted via videoconferencing.
Kalayaan, katurungan, karangalan and kapwa: a provisional exploration of children’s responses to the Covid-19 pandemic through Philippine virtue ethics

Noah Romero

Published: September 2021   Journal: Pastoral Care in Education
This article presents a qualitative study in which families recorded themselves reading a child-friendly book about a bear in lockdown and combines ethnographic and autoethnographic methods to examine the reactions of home educated and traditionally schooled children during Aotearoa New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdowns. This research theorizes data sourced from family reading sessions through the writings of Philippine psychologist Virgilio Enriquez and the indigenous Philippine concepts of kalayaan (relational autonomy), katurungan (justice), karangalan (self-respect) and kapwa (shared inner identity). In so doing, it looks to subjugated knowledge, home education, and children themselves to consider the epistemological and ontological possibilities intimated in interactions rooted in a heightened sense of responsibility and care.
Supporting, teaching and empowering parents: a teacher's manual on psychosocial interventions for elementary school-aged students and parents during disasters and emergency situations

Mee Young Choi ; Remegio Alquitran; Maria Soriano-Lemen (et al.)

Institution: UNESCO
Published: July 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Education implemented the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan, directing schools to switch to online and distance learning modes. The start of School Year 2020-21 was moved to August from June. By September 2020, however, only 23,987,944 basic education students enrolled in public and private schools for SY 2020-21, representing 86.3% of the national enrolment figures from SY 2019-2020. This new normal in education underscores the important role of parents to make sure that the educational goals for their children are met during these challenging times. Enhancing the resilience of children allows them to develop normally despite adverse conditions brought about by disaster experiences. This Manual was developed as a resource for teachers to train parents and caregivers of elementary school-aged children and build their capacity to provide psychosocial support to their children during and in the aftermath of disaster experiences. The Manual consists of a framework to guide teachers, learning packs on the different modules covered in the program, and 8 modules detailing step-by-step conduct of the training sessions.

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