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Tobacco presence on the children's playgrounds during COVID-19 pandemic

Lucky Herawati; Nur Hidayat Latif; Sigid Sudaryanto (et al.)

Published: November 2022   Journal: International Journal of Health Sciences

The  goals  of the  smoke-free  area  policy  isto  protect children’s  playground  visitors  from  the  bad  effects  of  smoking behavior, either directly or indirectly. However, until now information has not been obtained on the level of exposure to cigarette smoke and the  factors  that  influence  it  in  the  children's  play  area  in  Sleman Regency   after   9   years   of   the   policy.   Descriptive   research   was conducted   in   April   2021   in   21   observation   areas   to   meet   the information needs. There were 4 variables and 13 indicators that were measured,  using  the  method  of  direct  observation  in  the  field  and interviews  with  park  managers.  The  data  obtained  were  analyzed descriptively   and   Spearman   rank   correlation   analysis   with   a significant  level  of  0.05  and  discussed  using  the  Precede-Proceed Model.

The relationship between teachers' ICT abilities and parental guidance on student learning motivation during the Covid-19 pandemic in Batupapan

Perawati Patiung; Marwati Abdul Malik; Jaka Warsihna

Published: October 2022   Journal: Edumaspul: Jurnal Pendidikan

The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a relationship between the teacher's ICT ability and parental tutoring on students' learning motivation at SDN Gugus Batupapan, Tana Toraja Regency. This research was conducted on teachers of highgrade students, namely grades 4.5 and 6 at SDN Gugus Batupapan. The population of high-class students at SDN Gugus Batupapan is 587 students. In this study, the Yamane or Slovin formula was used to determine the sample size for students, namely by using probability sampling technique with random sampling so that a total sample of 247 students was obtained. While the population of the number of teachers as many as 24 teachers. The method used in this study to see the causal relationship of an independent variable (X) to a certain variable (Y) is to use the ex-post facto research method with the type of correlation research. This study used two types of analysis, namely descriptive statistical analysis and inferential statistical analysis on SPSS 24. Based on the statistical analysis of the teacher's ICT ability variable, the highest score was 105.00 and the lowest score was 74.00. The results of the analysis show that the mean is 88.3333, the median is 89.000, the mode is 89.00 and the standard deviation is 8.41152. Analysis of the variable data on parenting tutoring data obtained the highest score of 108.00 and the lowest score of 55.00. 

Problems of digital-based children's literature learning in pandemic times

Heny Kusuma Widyaningrum; Andayani Andayani; Sarwiji Suwandi (et al.)

Published: October 2022
Enforcement Digital-based distance learning is a form of Indonesian government policy during the Covid-19 pandemic so that learning can still run well. However, the reality is that based learning has found several obstacles from students and learning support facilities. This study aims to describe the use of media in children's literacy learning and to describe the condition of the internet network during learning experienced by PGSD students from PGRI Madiun University. The method used is descriptive qualitative, defining students' obstacles when learning digital-based children's literature.
Adaptation to digital parenting in a pandemic: a case study of parents within higher education

Hardiyanti Pratiwi; Nor I. Hasanah; Sigit Purnama (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: South African Journal of Childhood Education

Using digital tools with children during the pandemic has positive and negative impacts. However, we must investigate how parents with higher education qualifications best apply digital parenting. The aim of this article was to explore the practice of digital parenting with parents with higher education backgrounds, the digital tools used and the parents’ motivation during the pandemic. This research was conducted with parents who work as university lecturers in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. This study involved 27 lecturers with children in early childhood education. Data were collected using structured interview techniques and analysed using presentation, reduction and verification techniques. The validity of the data was ensured through the triangulation of sources and the extension of the research time.

The effectivenessof video dental healtheducation special needs children on the oral hygiene status

Renie Kumala Dewi; Anugrah Qotrunnada Hakim; Beta Widya Oktiani (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: Dentino jurnal kedokteran gigi

The clinical oral cavity characteristics of children with intellectual disabilities include a high prevalence of periodontal disease and dental caries. South Kalimantan is a wetland or marsh that contains acidic water with a pH of 3.5-4.5. The acidic condition causes tooth demineralization, which can lead to caries. Oral health education through special needs children dental health education (DHE) interactive video is needed. Analysing the effectiveness of dental health education (DHE) video media for special needs children living in wetlands during the Covid-19 pandemic on the oral hygiene status of children with intellectual disabilities.

Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 7 | Issue: 2 | No. of pages: 6 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: child health, COVID-19 response, health services, hygiene, lockdown, mentally disabled children, social distance | Countries: Indonesia
Overview of services and characteristics of pregnant mothers in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bpm Pera clinic in 2022

R. Oktaviance Oktaviance; Risda Mariana Manik; Bernadetta Ambarita (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: Science Midwifery
Based on the centeres for Disease Control and Prevention report, pregnant women who are positive for Covid-19 are at higher risk for premature birth (delivery od babies earlier than 37 weeks) and stillbirths. In addition, pregnant women who are positive for Covid-19 are also at a higher risk of developing other pregnancy complications. The problem of psychlogical disorders often occurs during the pregnancy proces, both in the first, second and third trimesters, Covid-19 causes various clinical manifestations, especially in pregnant women, because pregnant women are a high risk group for contracting the Covid-19 virus. The sampling technique is a accidental sampling. The sample in this study are 31 pregnant women.
Cite this research | Open access | Vol.: 10 | Issue: 4 | No. of pages: 3520-3523 | Language: English | Topics: Health, Mental Health | Tags: COVID-19 response, lockdown, maternal and child health services, pregnant women, social distance | Countries: Indonesia
Self-efficacy, emotion regulation and resilience of formal working mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nadia Rahmania; Risda Rizkillah; Musthofa

Published: October 2022   Journal: Journal of Child, Family, and Consumer Studies
Resilience can give an individual the strength to face stressful situations and view life positively. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of self-efficacy and emotion regulation on the resilience of mothers who work in the formal sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research design used was cross-sectional, and the research location was determined using a purposive technique based on the high number of Covid-19 cases at the time of the study, so DKI Jakarta and West Java were chosen. Primary data was collected through questionnaires distributed online via a google form. The sampling technique used voluntary sampling with the respondent's criteria: formal working mothers with school-age children and intact families in DKI Jakarta and West Java Provinces. The number of respondents in this study was 101 people. Data were analyzed using correlation and regression tests. Results showed that self-efficacy, emotion regulation, and resilience were positively related and more than half of mothers had moderate self-efficacy, emotion regulation, and resilience.
The effect of mother's burden on learning from home, maternal-efficacy, and maternal care practices on emotion and negative behavior of children aged 5-6 years

Devi Rahmawati; Dwi Hastuti; Megawati Simanjuntak

Published: October 2022   Journal: Cakrawala Pendidikan
Mothers play a big role in every aspect of their children’s lives. During learning from home (LfH) period, children's negative behavior can also change and is influenced by maternal-efficacy, maternal burden, and parenting practices. The purpose of this study was to analyze differences in maternal burden and parenting practices before and during LfH and to analyze the effect of mothers' burden on learning from home, maternal-efficacy, and parenting practices on the negative behavior of children aged 5-6 years. This study used a cross-sectional and retrospective study design. This research was conducted in three kindergartens with an A accreditation status in Jagakarsa Village, Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta Province. The study involved 100 working mothers who were selected using non-probability sampling with a voluntary sampling technique.
Readiness toward M-learning implementation during pandemic COVID-19: secondary high school teachers and students perception in Indonesia

Sherla Sepsa Rosiva; Dedi Kuswandi; Yerry Soepriyanto

Published: October 2022   Journal: Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu Pendidikan
Since pandemic covid-19, almost secondary high school in Indonesia offer distance education courses to minimalize face-to-face meeting with advancing technology, particularly through mobile device. However, some Institution of secondary high school do not offer distance learning find several problems when implement it, such as the device readiness and internet capability. The current research aims to explore the readiness of teachers and students in secondary high school toward the mobile devices usage  as m-learning implementation during the pandemic. A survey was distributed to secondary high school’s teachers and students in Malang, Indonesia. Total of respondents was 32 teachers and 206 students.
Seniorhigh school teachers' challenges and coping strategies in teaching literature in online environment

Erina Andriani

Published: October 2022   Journal: LLT Journal: A Journal on Language and Language Teaching
The teaching-learning process in Indonesia was mostly done online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This sudden shift caused challenges for EFL teachers. Aside from providing linguistic lessons, EFL teachers also struggled in providing literature lessons, as it had distinct ways of teaching from linguistics. However, only a few studies researched the teachers’ challenges in teaching literature online and the ways they solved them. Therefore, this study aims to explore the teachers’ challenges in teaching literature in an online environment and their strategies to deal with them. This study used a narrative inquiry method and the data were gathered with a semi-structured interview from senior high school teachers.
Female teachers' double burden during the pandemic: overcoming challenges and dilemma between career and family

Priyono Tri Febrianto; Siti Mas'udah; Lutfi Apreliana Megasari

Published: October 2022   Journal: Sociologia
The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) challenged educators, especially female teachers, as they shouldered the double burden of being both teachers and spouses. This study articulates the online teaching experiences of Indonesian women that work as elementary school teachers. Moreover, the study explores strategies implemented by these teachers to overcome this career-family dichotomy. Carried out in Indonesia’s East Java province, this descriptive mixed method study surveyed 347 married female teachers, 212 of which have school-aged children.
Relationship attitude with student parent acceptance against COVID-19 vaccine in elementary school children age (6-11 years) in Makassar city

Firman ; Ansariadi ; Andi Zulkifli (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: InternationalJournal of Health Sciences

This study examines the relationship between attitudes and parental acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine in elementary school children aged (6-11 years) in Makassar City. The type of research used is analytic observational with a cross sectional study design. The population in this study were all parents of students with school-age children (6-11 years) in Makassar City who were categorized as eligible for vaccination, which was around 264,000 people. While the number of samples as many as 1,073 parents of students. The sampling technique used is snowball sampling. Data were analyzed using SPSS with Chi-square test. Data analysis performed was univariate and bivariate. The results showed that the attitude variable had a significant relationship (p<0.05).

Cite this research | Open access | Issue: Special Issue VII | No. of pages: 7 | Language: English | Topics: Health | Tags: child health, COVID-19, immunization, immunization programmes, infectious disease, pandemic, vaccination, vaccination policies | Countries: Indonesia
Parental anxiety and form of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elfan Fanhas Fatwa Khomaeny; Erika Setyanti Kusumaputeri

Published: October 2022   Journal: International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy
The massive development of information technology based on big data, internet, and artifcial intelligence has brought fundamental changes to human patterns and lifestyles, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that hit globally, has added to a large and complex problems in parenting, as well as demanding people to take care of their children. Parents must be able to adapt and reposition themselves with new and efective forms of parenting, this can increase parental anxiety. To determine the level of parental anxiety, this research was conducted using a quantitative descriptive method through the distribution of questionnaires based on the GAD-7 instrument. This study focuses on eforts to capture the level of parental anxiety and the need for a new form of parenting.
Assessing the experience-sharing parenting method through online learning during Covid-19 pandemic

Deni Hardianto; C. Asri Budiningsih; Haryanto (et al.)

Published: October 2022   Journal: International Journal of Instruction
Empowering children to study at home with diverse parenting patterns during the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenging experience for parents of elementary school students. This study aims to determine changes in parenting patterns used by parents of elementary school students after undergoing online learning of parenting patterns with the method of sharing experiences. This study uses the concurrent embedded research method where both qualitative and quantitative data are being collected at the same time. The descriptive qualitative method is embedded within the quantitative method, with a pre-experimental one group pre-test and post-test design. Data collection techniques used questionnaires, observations, and interviews with Chi-Square non-parametric inferential statistical analysis techniques and descriptive qualitative. The research setting was online learning, which was carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, where parents of elementary school students were more likely to accompany their children to study at home.
Sociodemographic factors associated with parenting stress during Covid-19 pandemic

Fitri Ariyanti Abidin; Syipa Husni Fadilah; Vidya Anindhita (et al.)

Published: September 2022   Journal: Jurnal Ilmu Keluarga dan Konsumen

The  Covid-19  pandemic  is  a  phenomenon  that  mental  health  scholars  have  not  fully  understood,  which  might adversely affect parenting. Previous studies have found that sociodemographic factors influence parenting stress in  non-pandemic  conditions.  However,  no  study  has  discussed  parenting  stress  during  the  Covid-19  pandemic. Therefore,  the  present  study  investigates  the  sociodemographic  factors  influencing  parenting  stress  during  the Covid-19 pandemic. Using a cross-sectional approach, we applied convenience sampling using online platforms to recruit the participants. Seven hundred ninety parents aged 20-57 participated in this study (mothers = 740, fathers = 50). The validated Indonesian version of the Parenting Stress Scale was administered online to measure parenting stress.


31 - 45 of 160

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