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Glori 2.0 Longitudinal Survey Results

GLORI - The Global Longitudinal Research Initiative - is a research network of longitudinal researchers working on topics relevant for children. It has 31 members working in 41 countries. Learn more:

Unconditional Cash Transfers and Multidimensional Child Poverty: Lesotho's Child Grant Programme

Alessandro Carraro, Yekaterina Chzhen, Lucia Ferrone Social and Economic Policy Unit UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti August 28, 2019 ISCI Annual Conference, Tartu (EE)

Ending AIDS in children and adolescents: Is it a pipe dream?

Dr Priscilla Idele's presentation at AIDS Impact Conference in London, July 2019.

Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA): HOW-TO GUIDE

An easy-to-use guide to get you started with multidimensional poverty analysis What is MODA? Why do we use it and HOW can you use it to measure multi-dimensional child poverty? These guidance notes provide basic background and training to use MODA.

Cash Transfers, Micro-Entrepreneurial Activity and Child Work

Evidence from Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania Valeria Groppo, UNICEF Innocenti September 10, 2019

On Think Tanks Webinar Series: Mobilizing Evidence as a Driver of Change for and with Children and Young People

Webinar Presentation by: Kerry Albright, Chief Research Facilitation & Knowledge Management UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti, Florence, Italy 10th July 2019

Children's Roles in Social Reproduction: Re-examining the Discourse on Care Through a Child Lens

A presentation from 27 June 2019 at the IAFFE Conference in Glasgow, Scotland by Elena Camilletti and Sarah Cook Related: International Association for Feminist Economists #IAFFE2019