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Taking stock of the evidence on preventing and responding to violence against children
(Past event)

Event type: Webinar

Related research: Violence against children and women

events14 September 2021time15:00 - 16:30 CET

Violence against children (VAC) is a pervasive health and human rights issue affecting more than 1 billion children every year. In recent years, the global development agenda has paid greater attention to ending VAC than ever before. To optimize the impact of the global momentum to end VAC, it is increasingly important to generate, share and apply evidence to the development of policies and programmes.

With this effort in mind, UNICEF Innocenti hosts two evidence events for the 2021 Solutions Summit Leadership Campaign, Together to #EndViolence. The first event aims to share information and advance understanding of the growing body of evidence on VAC prevention and response. This event will bring together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, providing a forum to reflect on the current state of the evidence, the role of evidence in driving action to end VAC, and the opportunities that lie ahead. 


    The event will be presented in two parts. To begin, two rapid-fire presentations communicating findings from groundbreaking evidence reviews, the UNICEF Evidence and Gap Map on interventions for reducing VAC in LMICs, and a review of the work on VAC prevention in schools in the Global South. The second part of the event will feature a panel of experts who will react to the evidence presented and share specific cases of evidence to action and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.





    Catherine Ward
    Department of Psychology at University of Cape Town
    Dipak Naker
    Co-Founder and Co-Director, Raising Voices
    Shanaaz Mathews
    Director, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town
    Matodzi Amisi
    Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Security Studies
    Enrique Chaux
    Department of Psychology, University of the Andes
    Berit Kieselbach
    Technical Officer, Violence Prevention at World Health Organization
    Howard Taylor
    Executive Director, End Violence Partnership
    Pranita Achyut
    Research and Program Director, ICRW Asia
    Manahil Siddiqi
    Consultant, UNICEF Innocenti


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    Violence against children and women

    Violence against children and women

    More than half the world’s children report having experienced some form of violence in a previous year. Combined with what we know about the negative consequences of violence on children’s health and wellbeing, its impacts on education and the economy, and its long-lasting effects throughout childhood and well into adulthood, it is crucial that evidence-informed actions are taken at all levels to end VAC.