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Bridging the Gaps: Reviewing the intersections of violence against women and violence against children

Preventing intergenerational cycles of violence
(Past event)

Event type: Webinar

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events12 March 2020
Nelly Salinas (Right) helps her 21-month-old foster daughter, Milagro Carolina Kastano, look at an album of photographs, outside their home in Panama City, the capital. © UNICEF/UNI134960/Dormino

Alessandra Guedes took part in a webinar convened by Promundo to discuss "Preventing Intergenerational Cycles of Violence" in the context of the 64th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Alessandra presented work on the points of intersection of violence against women and violence against children. The international community recognises violence against women and violence against children as global human rights and public health problems.

Historically, research, programmes, and policies on these forms of violence followed parallel but distinct trajectories. Some have called for efforts to bridge these gaps, based in part on evidence that individuals and families often experience multiple forms of violence that may be difficult to address in isolation, and that violence in childhood elevates the risk of violence against women.

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