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Convening thought leadership in issues affecting children.

Ethics in Humanitarian Research: A Practical Discussion

20 - 12 May 2020: Join us for a lively discussion on ethical reviews for humanitarian research and monitoring.

Navigating through COVID-19: Unlocking Solutions for Education Organizations

6 May 2020: UNICEF Innocenti's Tom Dreesen joins the Magic Schoolbus Webinar Series on Navigating through COVID-19: Unlocking Solutions for Education Organizations. 

Violence in the home before, during and after COVID-19

21 May 2020: The UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti launches the second webinar series of “Leading Minds Online What the Experts Say- Coronavirus and Children: Violence in the Home”.

Children Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

6 May 2020: UNICEF Innocenti hosted its first Leading Minds Online event as part of a new series on Coronavirus and Children: What the Experts Say.
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Latest events

Safeguarding and Ethics in Evidence Generation
This webinar will connect issues relating to child safeguarding with those relating to ethics in evidence generation. It will underline key considerations in evidence generation and the planning and clearance process.   
27 April 2020
Ethics, data & technologies in evidence generation
Reflecting on the use of social media and geospatial technologies in evidence generation,  UNICEF Innocenti's expert on ethics in evidence generation, Gabrielle Berman, contributed to UNICEF's Webinar on Ethics, Data and Technologies held on September 11 2019.
11 September 2019
Assessing emerging impacts of the Global Kids Online research programme
Sarah Morton, director of Matter of Focus and lead on the impact study, presented emerging findings that will shortly be consolidated in a forthcoming report ‘Children’s experiences online: building global understanding and action. A study of the impacts of the Global Kids Online initiative’.  
23 July 2019
CGDev Online Event: Approaching COVID-19 Risk and Response through a Gender Lens
By applying a gender lens to this pandemic, researchers and policy makers can better assess differential risks and target responses to ensure already-vulnerable populations don’t fall even farther behind. Join us for this online discussion with CGD experts, external researchers, practitioners, and advocates on how a gender lens helps us better understand and respond to the threat of COVID-19.
9 April 2020
Nelly Salinas (Right) helps her 21-month-old foster daughter, Milagro Carolina Kastano, look at an album of photographs, outside their home in Panama City, the capital. © UNICEF/UNI134960/Dormino
Bridging the Gaps: Reviewing the intersections of violence against women and violence against children
Evidence on the points of intersection of the two forms of violence that follow parallel but distinct trajectories.
12 March 2020
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