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Strengthening and Promoting Education Data Systems and Utilization in Africa: Lessons from the Data Must Speak Global Initiative

Africa Evidence Week 2021
(Past event)

Event type: Webinar

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events15 September 2021time16:00 - 17:30 CET

With reliable data, policymakers, school managers, teachers, and communities can identify problems, pose solutions, and direct resources where they are most needed. As part of the Africa Evidence Week 2021, UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti is organizing a live webinar to share and discuss how UNICEF’s implementation of the Data Must Speak global initiative has supported countries in Africa strengthen the use of data and research for education management and decision-making. It will draw on panelists from Ministries of Education from Namibia and Togo, as well as UNICEF and its Office of Research. 

The webinar will contribute important knowledge and “know-how” to several ongoing global education discussions such as: 

How education data systems can be strengthened to drive better policy decisions on resource allocation and to manage education systems equitably? 

How education data can be transformed into user-friendly formats to inform education planning at decentralized levels and social accountability at community level? 

How to co-create and co-implement large-scale education research with Ministries of Education, local academics, and in-country partners during a global pandemic?  

Speakers include:

• Edda Bohn, Deputy Executive Director, Namibia Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
• Ayesha Wentworth, Director of Programmes Quality Assurance, Namibia Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture
• Brigitte Nshimyimana, Deputy Director of the Child Welfare Directorate, Namibia Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare
• Agoura Badja Tchewafei, Planning Specialist at the Planning and Evaluation Directorate, Togo Ministry of Education (MEPSTA)
• Ernst Mbangula, Manager PME, UNICEF Namibia
• Ayao Agbagnon, Education Officer, UNICEF Togo
• Nicolas Reuge, Senior Adviser Education, UNICEF, NYHQ
• Jean Luc Yameogo, Education Specialist, UNICEF, NYHQ
• Annika Rigole, Education Specialist, UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office
• Renaud Comba, Data Must Speak Research Manager, UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti
• Matt Brossard, Chief Education, UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti

The webinar will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in French. 


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Data Must Speak

Despite the global learning crisis, even in the most difficult contexts, there are some “positive deviant” schools that outperform others in terms of learning, gender equality, and retention. Since 2019, in line with UNICEF's Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Programme, Data Must Speak (DMS) identifies these positive deviant schools, explores which behaviours and practices make them outperform others, and investigates how these could be implemented in lower performing schools in similar contexts. DMS uses a sequential, participatory, mixed-methods approach to improve uptake, replicability, and sustainability. The research is being undertaken in ten countries across two continents.