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Michelle Mills


Michelle Mills is responsible for the dissemination and uptake of research produced by the Transfer Project, a multi-country research initiative that studies the impact of large-scale government cash transfers in sub-Saharan Africa. Before joining Innocenti, she was an international consultant with FAO and ILO working on capacity development projects to improve policies and programmes on social protection, child labour and decent work. Michelle earned a master’s degree at Stanford University where she focused on child poverty and social protection measures in Africa.
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The annual workshop of the Transfer Project, “The State of Evidence on Social Cash Transfers in Africa” focused on new challenges arising from moving from fragmented programmes to integrated social protection systems, combining cash transfers with complementary (also referred to as ‘plus’) interventions, as well as the assessment of social protection in emergency contexts.


Michelle Mills; Gean Spektor; Max Terzini

Sexual violence against women and girls is widespread globally. In their lifetime, one in three women will experience intimate partner physical or sexual violence and 7 per cent will experience forced sex by someone other than an intimate partner.


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