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Measurement of Multidimensional Child Poverty


Multidimensional child poverty defines children who experience a state of poverty that is more complex than that defined by a unidimensional measure of poverty, but encompasses child material needs and human rights, in a holistic way.

The definition of child poverty agreed by the UN General Assembly was used by Gordon, Townsend, and their colleagues from the University of Bristol for their study on child poverty in the developing world (Gordon et al. ). It gives full weight to material deprivation as the main element of child poverty, stating that children living in poverty are deprived in multiple domains of their lives (i.e., nutrition, water and sanitation, education, shelter, and protection among others) and that the lack of goods and access to services can represent a severe threat for their growth and development (United Nations General Assembly ).

Multidimensional child poverty encompasses the various deprivations experienced by children in their daily lives....


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Publication date: 2020

Author(s): Alessandro Carraro, Lucia Ferrone

Journal: No Poverty. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Language: English

Peer reviewed: YES

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