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Knowledge of and access to frontline workers among poor, rural households in Amhara region, Ethiopia: a mixed-methods study


Social protection programmes have efectively reduced poverty and improved food security. However, the efects of poverty require an intersectoral approach to adequately address poor nutrition and health. Identifying gaps in knowledge and access to frontline workers who oversee these integrations is critical for understanding the potential for integrated social protection programming to improve these outcomes. We measured levels of social protection programme participants’ knowledge of and interaction with social workers (SWs) and health extension workers (HEWs) in rural Ethiopia


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Publication date: 2022

Author(s): Sarah Quinones, Tia Palermo, Maja Gavrilovic, Vincenzo Vinci, Frank Otchere, Essa Chanie Mussa

Journal: BMC Public Health

Language: English

Peer reviewed: YES