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Government of Malawi's unconditional cash transfer improves youth mental health

Gustavo Angeles, Jacobus de Hoop, Sudhanshu Handa, Kelly Kilburn, Annamaria Milazzo, Amber Peterman
Social Science & Medicine, March 2019, vol. 225, pp. 108-119.


Risk Factors for Childhood Violence and Polyvictimization: A Cross-Country Analysis from Three Regions

Tia Palermo, Audrey Pereira, Naomi Neijhoft, Ghaji Bello, Robert Buluma, Pierre Diem, Rocio Aznar Daban, Inah Fatoumata Kaloga, Aminul Islam, They Kheam, Birgithe Lund-Henriksenj, Nankali Maksudk, Mary Catherine Maternowska, Alina Potts, Chivith Rottanak, Chea Samnangm, Mary Shawan, Miho Yoshikawa, Amber Peterman
Child Abuse and Neglect, February 2019, vol. 88, pp. 348-361.


Exploring Impacts of Community-Based Legal Aid on Intrahousehold Gender Relations in Tanzania

Valerie Mueller, Amber Peterman, Lucy Billings, Ayala Wineman
Feminist Economics, January 2019


Perspectives of adolescent and young adults on poverty-related stressors: a qualitative study in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania

Brian J. Hall, Melissa Garabiles, Jacobus de Hoop, Audrey Pereira, Leah Prencipe, Tia Palermo
BMJ Open, 2019, vol. 9 (10)


Violence against children in Latin America and the Caribbean: What do available data reveal about prevalence and perpetrators?

Karen Devries, Katherine G. Merrill, Louise Knight, Sarah Bott, Alessandra Guedes, Betzabe Butron-Riveros
Rev Panam Salud Public, 2019, vol. 43, pp. 1-10.


Cash Transfers, Early Marriage, and Fertility in Malawi and Zambia

Fidelia Dake, Luisa Natali, Gustavo Angeles, Jacobus de Hoop, Sudhanshu Handa
November 2018

Income transfers, early marriage and fertility in Malawi and Zambia

Fidelia Dake, Luisa Natali, G. Angeles, Jacobus de Hoop, Sudhanshu Handa, Amber Peterman
Studies in Family Planning, November 2018


Effects of Public Policy on Child Labor: Current Knowledge, Gaps, and Implications for Program Design

Ana C. Dammert, Jacobus de Hoop, Eric Mvukiyehe, Furio Camillo Rosati
World Development, October 2018, vol. 110, pp. 104-123.


108 items found