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Children and Transitional Justice

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Children of Sierra Leone reaching out for peace

Expert discussion on children and transitional justice at IRC

A two-day consultation sharing knowledge, experiences, good practices and lessons learned
In 2007, the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC), working closely with the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and UNICEF Headquarters, initiated an Expert Paper Series on Children and Transitional Justice. The Series is intended to encourage further research and analysis on a number of key issues related to children and transitional justice. Topics have been identified in an ongoing dialogue with practitioners, legal experts, academics and colleagues from civil society, including children and young people.

The purpose of this meeting is to convene the authors in the Series and the members of the Peer Review Oversight Panel, and other experts, in an intermediate review of draft papers. It is anticipated that the Children and Transitional Justice Series will provide a substantive and evidence-based knowledge through the review of experiences, good practices and lessons learned, also making recommendations for more effective strategies, both at the national and international levels. This will, in turn, contribute to efforts underway to engage children and adolescents in truth, justice and reconciliation processes.

Short Term
  • Provide feedback and guidance to authors, in particular addressing concerns and questions that have arisen in ongoing research, and considering recommendations on specific topics in the papers currently under preparation.
  • Generate debate and dialogue on key issues from diverse perspectives among:
    i) Practitioners and academics
    ii) Legal experts and child rights advocates
    iii) South and north-based specialists
  • Develop an overall framework for the Children and Transitional Justice Series in order to build consensus on key topics and recommendations, note gaps, and strengthen links among participants for ongoing peer review.
Long Term
  • Establish a network of practitioners, academics, child rights advocates and legal experts to increase knowledge-sharing of experiences, good practices and lessons learned, and to promote the participation of children and adolescents in truth, justice and reconciliation processes in post-conflict situations.
  • Increase the capacity and opportunities for the inclusion of children and adolescents in transitional mechanisms and peacebuilding.
  • Provide a basis for a consistent and coherent approach to transitional justice and children in diverse country contexts, in order to improve accountability and promote reconciliation.

Transitional justice and children research project