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Expert Consultation on Family and Parenting Support

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prepared by Rachel Bray, University of Oxford,

Final Report of the Expert Consultation on Family and Parenting Support

Family in Turkey Yaprak, 10, stands with her younger sister and brother and her mother on the porch of their home in the village of Karaali in Ankara Province. Yaprak attends a 'child-friendly' school, together with all the girls in the village. Today is the last day of school and she is wearing a red velvet dress to celebrate. Yaprak's father works for a local landowner in exchange for the house and a small stipend.
Across the globe there is growing awareness of the potential to achieve more for child well-being through family and parenting support. These developments mark a shift in thinking towards regarding governments as primary actors in the field of family and parenting support, rather than seeing them solely as the domain of NGOs and other civil society institutions.

There are inherent challenges to exploring and bolstering the area of family and parenting support policy and services owing to the multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approaches entailed. In order to begin addressing these challenges, UNICEF Office of Research has undertaken a global research project to examine different conceptual understandings and policy orientations of family and parenting support. The project was initiated recently with a global consultation of experts and the final report available here provides a valuable overview of this important research agenda.


Outcome documents
Final Report - Expert Consultation on Family and Parenting Support, 26-27 May 2014