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Migration and children


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Policy-related discussions in international fora in recent years have helped shape the research that is currently being pursued, including in showing that children were relatively invisible in such debates.

On this page you will access background documents and presentations available on external sites. This material does not necessarily reflect the views of UNICEF.

  • Third meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Developement, 4-5 November 2009, Athens, Greece.
    The central Theme of the meeting is to integrate migration policies into development srategies for the benefit of all.

  • 14th International Metropolis Conference, 14-18 September 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • 13th International Metropolis Conference, 27-31 October 2008, Bonn, Germany.
    The International Metropolis Project is a forum that bridges research, policy and pracctice on migration and diversity.

  • Second meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, 27-30 October 2008, Manila, Philippines.
    The central theme of the meeting is to protect and empower migrants to enhance the role of migration in development.

  • Regional Round table on Protection of Migrant Children, organized by Save the Children UK, Bangkok, 5-6 June 2008

    IRC contribution:
    Children on the Move: International standards and a child rights-based approach

  • Children on the Move in the Developing World, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 6-8 May 2008.
    The meeting shared findings from new and ongoing research on independent child migration in Africa and Asia.

    IRC contribution:
    Discussion of opportunities for greater inclusion of children in mainstream migration debates by using quantitative research approaches, and presentation of preliminary results from an analysis of three censuses from middle-income countries

  • Social Policy and Migration in Developing Countries, UN Research Institute for Social Development, International Organization for Migration and Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, 22 November 2007
    The workshop assessed new research on linkages between migration and social development in developing countries, and considered related social policy issues.

    IRC contribution:
    Migration And Poverty: Linkages, knowledge gaps and policy implications

  • International Conference on Migration of Unaccompanied Minors in Europe, University of Poitiers, France, 10-11 October 2007.
    The meeting discussed research on children's migration trends, routes and contexts of origin.

    IRC contribution:
    Assessing the Risks in Children's Independent Migration: Back to the origins (forthcoming in UNESCO publications).

  • Independent Child Migrants: Policy debates and dilemmas, UNICEF IRC and University of Sussex, London, 12 September 2007.
    The workshop discussed research and research gaps, focusing on children's migration motives, interlinkages between migration and trafficking, and legal issues related to children's independent migration.

  • Global Forum on Migration and Development, Brussels, 9-11 July 2007
    Involving civil society actors and government representatives, the Global Forum provided a platform for policymakers to share information on ideas, good practices and policies regarding migration and development, and to explore new initiatives for international cooperation and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

    Forum website
    Document library on child migration

  • UNICEF Technical Consultation on Children and Migration in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Baku, 29-30 March 2007
    IRC contribution: Migrant Unaccompanied or Separated Children: Issues and knowledge gaps

  • Focus on Children in Migration - From a European research and method perspective, Save the Children, Warsaw, 20-21 March 2007
    The conference discussed research on migrant children in Europe, including several categories of child migrants: children travelling with their parents to work, children escaping war and natural disasters, children separated from their parents, children migrating unaccompanied for work or education, children left behind when their parents migrate, and children trafficked for exploitative purposes.

    IRC contributions:

  • UNICEF Inter-regional Meeting on the Irregular Migration of Minors, Rabat, 13-15 March 2007

  • The meeting examined UNICEF's possible responses to children's migration, spanning the sub-regions of Europe, North Africa and West and Central Africa. The irregular migration of children in these regions is now an ever-present problem that seems to be growing in scale. UNICEF's main concerns are the lack of integrated and concerted strategies between the various countries involved, and the paucity of knowledge to guide policy, advocacy and programmes. The meeting enabled participants to have a better perception of the issue, fostered a common understanding and outlined an inter-regional action plan along two lines: to conduct a qualitative study that spans the regions on children's migration; and to harmonize and improve the protection mechanisms and procedures for dealing with migrant children.

  • The Risk Group of Unaccompanied Minors: Protection measures in an enlarged European Union, University of Florence, Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research and University of Primorska, Slovenia, Florence, 9-11 March 2007
    The meeting discussed findings from multi-country research on unaccompanied minors who either have crossed the EU border by irregular means or who are undocumented residents in the EU.

    IRC contribution:
    Discussion of children's migration patterns and trafficking risks

  • International Symposium on International Migration and Development, Turin, Italy, 28-30 June 2006
    Within the context of the UN High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, the meeting discussed the multidimensional aspects of international migration to maximize its development benefits, with specific attention to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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