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Researching Children’s Rights Globally in the Digital Age


Thursday 12th February

2.30 to 3.30

- Arrival, welcome and introductions
- Jasmina Byrne, UNICEF Office of Research
- Meeting overview: context, aims, challenges
- Sonia Livingstone, Media and Communications LSE and EU Kids Online


- Coffee/tea

4.00 to 5.30

Challenge 1: What’s the problem? Opportunities and barriers to Children’s rights in a digital, global age
Chair: Sonia Livingstone

- Patrick Burton, Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention, South Africa. “Opportunities and barriers to (researching) children’s rights online in South Africa” 
- Nishant Shah, Centre for Internet and Society, India. “A child’s-eye view of the world”
- Bu Wei, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China. “What is the problem in China? A critical perspective”


Dinner (Brasserie Blanc, 119 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PP)

Friday 13th February

9.30 to 11.00

Challenge 2: Setting the standards for rigorous and comparable methods of investigation cross-nationally
Chair: Ellen Helsper, LSE and EU Kids Online

- Fiona Brooks, Univ. of Hertfordshire, Health Behaviour of School Children, UK. “Learning from the Health Behaviour of School Children survey” 
- Kjartan Ólafsson, University of Akureyri and EU Kids Online. “Lessons from the EU Kids Online survey”
- Clara Sommarin, UNICEF Child Protection, New York, Violence Against Children Surveys. “UNICEF’s Violence against Children surveys”



11.30 to 1.00

Challenge 3: Research contexts – priorities, training and impact (Panel discussion)

- Dorothea Kleine, Royal Holloway, UK. “Beyond surveys ‘made in the EU’? Evaluation, participation, action research”
- Joe Khalil, Northwestern University, Qatar. “A perspective from the Arabic Gulf and the Levant”
- Surya Av, IMRB Social & Rural Research Institute, India. “Researching rights” 

1.00 to 2.30

- Lunch + moderated break out discussions to review (1) research or (2) policy priorities
- 5th floor Old Building, Chairman’s Dining Room and Room 5.11.
(1) Research discussion leader: Leslie Haddon, Rapporteur: Giovanna Mascheroni
(2) Policy discussion leader: Dale Rustein, Rapporteur: John Carr 

2.30 to 3.30

Challenge 4: Multistakeholder engagement and research funding (Panel discussion)
Chair: Monica Bulger, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

- Eija Heitavuo, UNICEF Corporate Social Responsibility Sector. “Multi-stakeholder engagement and research funding”
- Natasha Jackson, GSMA, UK. “Insights from the GSMA surveys”
- Yves Boillot, Orange, France. “The internet industry and the value of evidence”
- John Carr, ECPAT International. “Why policy makers need evidence” 

3.30 to 4.30

- Coffee/tea + moderated break out discussions on (1) evaluation or (2) impact of evidence-based interventions (Vera Anstey Room, OLD.1.28)
(1) Evaluation discussion leader: Dorothea Kleine, Rapporteur: Clara Sommarin 
(2) Impact discussion leader: Robin Mansell, Rapporteur: Eija Hietavuo

4.30 to 5.45

Challenge 5: Implementing evidence-based policy internationally: practice, politics,  ethics (Panel discussion)
Chair: Lely Djuhari, UNICEF CEE/CIS regional office

- Robin Mansell, Media and Communications, LSE, UK. “Challenges of global internet governance”
- Nevine Tewfik, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Egypt. “Child online protection experience in Egypt” 
- Preetam Maloor, ITU, Geneva. “Setting global targets on child online protection: towards a result-based approach”


Dinner (Coopers Restaurant & Bar, 49 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PF)

Saturday 14th February

9.30 to 10.30

Challenge 6: Producing a robust yet flexible cross-national research toolkit: learning from experience (Panel discussion)
Chair: Cristina Ponte, New University of Lisbon and EU Kids Online

- Deborah Fox, Kantar International. “Considering consistency in data collection and sampling”
- Giovanna Mascheroni, Catholic University of Milan and Net Children Go Mobile. “Learning from the Net Children Go Mobile experience”
- Lucinda Platt, Social Policy, LSE and Millennium Cohort Study, UK. “Lessons from the Millennium Cohort Study”



11.00 to 11.45

- Report back from Friday break out discussions

11.45 to 1230

- Conclusions and next steps: Sonia Livingstone and Jasmina Byrne


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