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Social Protection and Childhood Violence: Expert Roundtable

Panel 1: Case studies from evaluation research linking cash transfers and experience of adolescent violence in sub-Saharan Africa

Audrey Pettifor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on the protective role of cash transfers conditional on schooling and outcomes of HIV and intimate partner violence among adolescent girls in South Africa; and Tia Palermo of  UNICEF Innocenti team on the impact of unconditional cash transfers on sexual violence and exploitation in sub-Saharan Africa (forthcoming).

From May 12-13 twenty-five experts gathered in Florence for the two-day round table Social Protection and Childhood Violence, organized by UNICEF Innocenti and Know Violence in Childhood, a global initiative to prevent violence in childhood at all levels of society


Exploring the results of HPTN 068: a conditional cash transfer to reduce HIV risk in young South African women
Audrey Pettifor, University of North Carolina at C
The impact of government-run Unconditional Cash Transfers on sexual violence and exploitation of youth: Emerging results from the Transfer Project
Tia Palermo, UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti


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