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Social Protection “Plus” Workshop

Social Protection “Plus” Workshop, Dar es Salaam

11 February 2016 - 12 February 2016
A young girl from Jumbe village, in Amudat district of Karamoja

In February 2016, UNICEF convened a group of stakeholders, including government, United Nations (UN), non-governmental organization (NGO) implementers, researchers and experts, and members of the donor community to assess options for a social protection "plus" (or cash plus) intervention within the framework of Tanzania’s Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN), a conditional cash transfer (CCT) programme. The concept of "cash plus" encompasses layering of services, interventions or messaging onto cash transfer programmes in an effort to leverage the cash and amplify its impacts. The rationale is that cash alone is not always sufficient to reduce the broad, interrelated social and economic risks and vulnerabilities that vulnerable populations face, and that additional support may be needed. The aim of this workshop was to discuss options for a "plus" component aimed at and facilitating safe transitions to adulthood and reducing violence and exploitation experienced by adolescents. Specifically, workshop members reviewed and discuss the evidence for three "plus" options, including 1) adolescent economic and related empowerment bundled interventions; 2) parenting interventions; and 3) social norm change interventions. In addition to reviewing the evidence presented by experts and in the background paper, workshop aims included making recommendations on intervention components and deciding on next steps for the planning process (moving from concept to action).


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