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Technical advice and assistance

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CRC Article = 45(b)
The Centre for Human Rights, located at the United Nations Office at Geneva, acts as the Secretariat of the United Nations on human rights issues. One of its principal tasks is the administering of the programme of advisory services and technical assistance in the field of human rights. This programme aims to improve the effective enjoyment of human rights through concrete projects designed to strengthen regional and national human rights infrastructures including democratic institutions. Such projects range from the provision of advice to Governments on domestic human rights legislation to the translation and dissemination of major human rights conventions into local languages. These activities are directed at fostering a climate conducive to respect for human rights, thereby furthering the application of international norms and standards which have been formulated within the United Nations. The Voluntary Fund for Technical Assistance in the Field of Human Rights provides additional financial support. Article 45(b) of the CRC complements this programme of advisory services and technical assistance by providing that the Committee on the Rights of the Child shall transmit, as it may consider appropriate, to the specialized agencies, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other competent bodies, any State reports that contain a request, or indicate a need, for technical advice or assistance.

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