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Child survival

Demographic Challenges and the Implications for Children in CEE/CIS
This paper discusses some of the implications of recent demographic changes in the CEE/CIS on children of the region. The first part of the paper documents ...

Economic Decline and Child Survival: The plight of Latin America in the eighties

Jim Grant - UNICEF Visionary
This book glimpses the leadership and achievements of Jim Grant during his period as Executive Director of UNICEF (1980-1995). Each chapter is written ...

TransMONEE 2007 Features: Data and analysis on the lives of children in CEE/CIS and Baltic States
Despite recent economic growth, many children in the CEE/CIS Region remain vulnerable. Thousands of children continue to die before their first birthday, ...

Материалы базы данных TransMONEE 2007 года: данные и анализ,касающиеся жизни детей в страна ЦВЕ/СНГ и государствах Балтии
Несмотря на отмечаемый в последнее время экономический рост, многие дети в странах ЦВЕ/СНГ и государствах Балтии остаются уязвимыми. По-прежнему тысячи ...