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Community participation

Cities with Children: Child friendly cities in Italy
The publication describes the evolution of childhood in Italy and the emergence of a new culture of the city. It analyses the consideration given to ...

La città con i bambini: città amiche dell'infanzia in Italia
La presente ricerca si prefigge di documentare i processi che hanno condotto alla realizzazione di città amiche dei bambini in Italia, tanto a livello ...

Decentralization and Community Participation for Improving Access to Basic Services: An empirical approach

Decentralization of Services for Children: The Spanish experience
The ‘Plan Of Action’ adopted at the 1990 World Summit for Children recognised the importance of grass-roots initiatives for children at the provincial ...

The Philippines: A case study in local planning for children
The 1990 World Summit for Children set in motion the development of what were called ‘National Programmes of Action’ in a number of countries. In the ...