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Approaches towards Inequality and Inequity: Concepts, measures and policies
This paper analyses the different concepts of inequality, in particular differentiating individual, or vertical, and group, or horizontal, inequality, ...

Developing and Selecting Measures of Child Well-Being: Methodological Briefs - Impact Evaluation No. 11
Indicators can be used at all levels of the results framework from inputs to impacts, and should be linked to the programme’s theory of change. ...

Exploring the Late Impact of the Financial Crisis using Gallup World Poll Data
This paper explores the late impact of the Great Recession by using Gallup World Poll data. This data may be exploited to obtain an indication of what ...

Positive Indicators of Child Well-being: A conceptual framework, measures and methodological issues
This paper highlights a number of frameworks for positive indicator development which examine the positive well-being of children. Based upon this review, ...