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Indigenous children

Asegurar los derechos de los niños indígenas
En todo el mundo, tanto en las áreas rurales como en las urbanas, los niños indígenas a menudo constituyen uno de los grupos más desventajados y sus derechos ...

Ensuring the rights of indigenous children
Around the world, in rural and urban areas alike, indigenous chilldren frequently constitute one of the most disadvantaged groups, and their rights - ...

For every child answers: 30 years of research for children at UNICEF Innocenti
The 30 narratives in this publication showcase the range and depth of the work UNICEF Innocenti has undertaken over three decades of existence. In everything ...

Garantir les droits des enfants autochtones
Dans le monde, que ce soit dans les zones urbaines ou rurale, les enfants autochtones constituent fréquentement l'un de groupes le plus défavorisés, et ...

It’s Difficult to Grow Up in an Apocalypse: Children's and adolescents' experiences, perceptions and opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
According to children and youth in Canada, what were the negative and positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives? How did they experience ...