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Minority children

Bambini e famiglie appartenenti a minoranze etniche, gruppi immigrati e popolazioni indigene: sintesi dei lavori

Children and Families of Ethnic Minorities, Immigrants and Indigenous Peoples: Global Seminar Report, 1995
The seventh Innocenti Global Seminar, held in Florence in October 1996, brought together participants with a wide range of experiences and perspectives ...

Children of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities: An overview and conceptual framework
Following the Second World War and particularly after the 1960s, many Western European countries experienced positive immigration. Migrations to each ...

Children of Minorities: Gypsies

Crescere zingaro

Deprivation and Discrimination
The children of an ethnic group, race or religious denomination represent its continuity - they embody a potential for future diversity. This has resulted ...

Double Jeopardy: The children of ethnic minorities
Though the relationships between ethnic minorities and dominant societies are multi-faceted and complex, the interrelated but distinct dimensions of marginalization ...

Education Rights and Minorities
Educational rights for minority groups may be included in states' education systems and also enshrined intheir statutes. However, states' laws, their ...

Enfants des minorit├ęs : le tsiganes

Intersectional Discrimination against Children: Discrimination against Romani children and anti-discrimination measures to address child trafficking
This paper adds a perspective to existing research on child protection by engaging in a debate on intersectional discrimination and its relationship to ...