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Right to recovery and reintegration

Psychosocial Support for Children: Protecting the rights of child victims and witnesses in transitional justice processes
The paper first looks at psychosocial factors that affect children's participation in transitional justice mechanisms. These factors largely determine ...

Restorative Justice after Mass Violence: Opportunities and risks for children and youth
There is growing interest in the role that restorative justice can play in addressing mass atrocities. This paper describes the associated principles ...

Transitional Justice and the Situation of Children in Colombia and Peru
This working paper provides an overview of the transitional process in Colombia and Peru, focusing on the situation of children. The adoption of judicial ...

Transitional Justice and Youth Formerly Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups: Acceptance, marginalization and psychosocial adjustment
To support true healing of war-affected populations, including children formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups, transitional justice efforts ...