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Basic Services for All?
There is a general consensus that basic social services are the building blocks for human development. Indeed,they are now accepted as fundamental human ...

Best of UNICEF Research 2015
In 2013 the Office of Research-Innocenti initiated a competition to discover and highlight the outstanding research undertaken by UNICEF offices. This ...

Best of UNICEF Research and Evaluation 2020
Evidence and objective assessment are needed more than ever to help enhance the rights and well-being of the world’s children. Researching the changing ...

Child Undernourishment, Wash and Policy Synergies in Tunisia: Putting Numbers Into UNICEF’s Conceptual Framework of Nutrition
This paper develops an econometric strategy to operationalize the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF’s) conceptual framework for nutrition, estimating ...

Des services de base pour tous?
Il y a un déséquilibre de 80 milliards de dollars par an entre ce qui est dépensé et ce qui devrait l'être pour garantir l'accès universel aux services ...

¿Servicios básicos para todos?
Existe un déficit que alcanza los 80 mil millones de dólares por año entre lo que se gasta y lo que se debería gastar para asegurar el acceso universalizado ...