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Are Cash Transfers a Silver Bullet? Evidence from the Zambian Child Grant
Evidence based on independent studies from different programmes across the world demonstrates that cash transfers can have an impact on a wide range of ...

Cash Transfers and Gender: A closer look at the Zambian Child Grant Programme
In 2010, the Zambian Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health began implementation of the Child Grant Programme with the goals of reducing ...

Making Money Work: Unconditional cash transfers allow women to save and re-invest in rural Zambia
Findings show that the CGP enabled poor women to save more cash and that the impact is larger for women who had lower decision-making power at baseline. ...

Prevention, Protection, and Production: Evidence from the Zambian Child Grant Programme
Unlike conditional cash transfers, unconditional transfers have the potential to impact all beneficiary household members across a range of productive ...

The Zambian Government Unconditional Social CashTransfer Programme Does Not Increase Fertility
This is the first study from sub-Saharan Africa examining the relation between cash transfers and fertility using a large-sample social experiment design ...