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UNICEF Innocenti Podcasts

COVID-19 and Education for Children: Lessons Learned

Supporting Families and Children Beyond COVID-19: Social protection in SE Europe and Central Asia

Multidimensional Child Poverty in Mozambique: Measurement & Methods to END Poverty For Every Child

Rigour & Vigour: Strengthening evidence on violence against children

COVID-19 and Education for Children: Lessons Learned

Looking back at 30 years of research for children

Special Edition: A Conversation with Leading Minds Young Leaders on Mental Health

The Research Behind Ranking Family-friendly Policies in OECD and EU Countries

Investigating Impact & Inclusion: What do we Know about Sport for Development for Children?

The Screen Time Debate: What Do We Really Know About the Effects of Children’s Time Online?

The Role of Research on Migration: Insights on Migrants’ Experiences with Bina D'Costa

#HEARMETOO: UNICEF Research on Gender-Based Violence for #16Days of Activism

Uncovering An #UnfairStart: An Interview with UNICEF Report Card 15 authors on Education Inequality

Sarah Crowe on what life is like for migrant children in Niger

A Conversation with our Education Team

Closing the Gap on Child Well-Being: Kerry Albright on the new Evidence Mega-Map

Adolescent Development Research: new developments and how they can create better policy-making

The Adolescent Brain - Demystifying the Second Window of Opportunity with Ron Dahl

Protected on Paper - An analysis of Nordic country responses to asylum-seeking children

Best of UNICEF Research 2017: A Rundown of the Year's Best & Most Innovative Reports

Developing the Evidence Gap Map for Adolescent Well-Being in Low and Middle Income Countreis

Trafficking in Emergencies: Why We Need More Research to Prevent Violence and Abuse

'Cash Plus' for adolescents in Tanzania: How it started, where it's going, and why research matters

Nikola Balvin on Gender Socialization During Adolescence in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Kat Chzhen on the effects of the economic crisis on children in high income countries

Mary Catherine Maternowska on the drivers of violence affecting children

Lucia Ferrone on Lessons from Harry Potter on Multidimensional Child Poverty

Bina D'Costa on migrant and refugee children and role of research

Gabrielle Berman on ethical research on children in humanitarian situations

Deepta Chopra, Elsbeth Robson on current issues for research on children and care work

Patrick O'Leary on child protection and child rights practice in Islamic countries

Tia Palermo on Evaluation of Social Cash Transfers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mary Catherine Maternowska on Peru making progress on violence against children

Heidi Loening-Voysey on parenting and adolescents in eastern and southern Africa

Jacqueline Bhabha on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Simon Parker on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Victoria Rietig on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Mike Dottridge on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Andrea Rossi on Children on the Move (Research Watch)


Special Podcast Series: The Future of Childhood