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Innocenti Podcasts

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Kat Chzhen on the effects of the economic crisis on children in high income countries

Mary Catherine Maternowska on the drivers of violence affecting children

Lucia Ferrone on Lessons from Harry Potter on Multidimensional Child Poverty

Bina D'Costa on migrant and refugee children and role of research

Gabrielle Berman on ethical research on children in humanitarian situations

Deepta Chopra, Elsbeth Robson on current issues for research on children and care work

Patrick O'Leary on child protection and child rights practice in Islamic countries

Tia Palermo on Evaluation of Social Cash Transfers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mary Catherine Maternowska on Peru making progress on violence against children

Heidi Loening-Voysey on parenting and adolescents in eastern and southern Africa

Jacqueline Bhabha on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Simon Parker on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Victoria Rietig on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Mike Dottridge on Children on the Move (Research Watch)

Andrea Rossi on Children on the Move (Research Watch)