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Cristina Pizzolato

Communication Specialist

Cristina is a Digital Communication and Research Dissemination Consultant at UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti. In collaboration with researchers, she develops infographics and graphic animations to increase the uptake of Innocenti research and publications. She produces content for social media and provides the technical coordination and facilitation for continued communication and coverage of meetings and events hosted and convened by UNICEF Innocenti. She has field expertise in Communication for Development in the anti-trafficking sector both in India and Italy. Having worked as a Communication Specialist and Manager in digital agencies, companies and NGOs, she has both private sector and non-profit experience. She has a background in Graphic Design, Communications and a master’s degree in International Relations at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.


In June 2021, Anna, Clarissa and Chiara socialize in the town center of Fara Gera D'adda, Bergamo, Italy.

UNICEF Innocenti presents Vite a Colori report exposing the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of children and adolescents in Italy

UNICEF and the Authority for Children and Adolescents, an independent body that oversees the implementation of the rights of children in the Lombardy region of Italy, Riccardo Bettiga, presented the Report "Vite a Colori” (Life in Colors) about the experiences, perceptions, and opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic of children and adolescents in Italy.