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Pierre Gouëdard

Education Researcher (Teachers)

Pierre is a full-time education researcher with the UNICEF Office of Research (Innocenti) where he works on the Teachers for All and Women in Learning Leadership research projects. Prior to joining UNICEF, Pierre worked during 6 years for the OECD Education Directorate. Within the Policy Advice and Implementation and the PISA teams, he supported numerous OECD countries in exploiting databases and developing evidence-based reforms to bridge the gap between policy and practice and bring effective change in education. His publications cover a wide range of topics, such as school as learning organizations, growth mindset, curriculum reform, and education indicators. As an economist specialized in economics of education, Pierre has also conducted research during 4 years at the French Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies in the areas of teacher careers, teacher health, affirmative action and access to higher education, and taught in the field of economics in Sciences Po, Paris Descartes, La Sorbonne and the University of Montréal. Pierre holds a PhD in Economics from Sciences Po Paris, and a Masters of Economics from the Paris School of Economics and the University of Montréal.


Teachers for All Madagascar: Améliorer l´équité dans l’allocation des enseignants

Teachers for All Madagascar: Améliorer l´équité dans l’allocation des enseignants

Ce rapport décrit le paysage enseignant à Madagascar, et propose des pistes de réflexion pour améliorer le maillage enseignant dans le pays, afin de favoriser l’accès de tous les enfants à une éducation de qualité.