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Bertrand Tameza

Education Researcher (Foundational Learning)

Bertrand Tameza is a full-time education researcher with the UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti where he works on the Data Must Speak (DMS) Positive Deviance and on Women in Learning Leadership (WiLL) research. Prior to joining UNICEF, Bertrand was a program design and research consultant with Immigration Policy Lab, contracted by Stanford University. He conducted an exploratory work and qualitative research that served as a basis for building a migration preparation curriculum for Nigeriens who move in search of economic opportunities. He has also worked with the International Center for Tax and Development on the Freetown Property Tax reform Project, aiming at improving the Tax system of Freetown, followed by the analysis of the political economy of the reform. After his first master’s degree in education from the Higher Teacher Training College in Cameroon, Bertrand started his career as a secondary school Mathematics teacher in his home country. After a few years of teaching, the desire to dive into research for quality education led him to African School of Economics where he completed a second Master program in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES). He assisted in implementing numerous research projects among which the Math Project implemented by the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy in Benin, that aimed at analyzing the impact and cost-effectiveness of supplementary mathematics courses on students’ learning outcomes with a focus on girls. In his spare time, Bertrand focuses on Data Science and Machine Learning and how those can be leveraged on Big Data to inform decisions; he holds a couple of MicroMasters credentials from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among which the MicroMaster credential in Statistics and Data Science.