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Patrizia Faustini

Sr. Communication Associate

Patrizia is a Senior Communication Associate at UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti with over 25 years’ experience in online communication and content management. In her career at UNICEF Patrizia has held several communication responsibilities and contributed to the development of innovative web tools, including the redesign of the corporate website and the development of Research Watch. She has conceived and led the preparation of two Innocenti Insights on Climate Change and Information and Communication Technologies for Children (ICTs) as additional outputs of two Research Watch editions on the same topics. As a journalist she has written articles for the Innocenti website and cured the preparation of press materials for the launch of the main Innocenti publications, including the Innocenti Report Card. Patrizia is part of the team working on a research project on Displacement and Child-responsive Communication Strategies in Italy: Connecting Research and Advocacy. Patrizia holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Florence and a Certificate in Children’s Rights from the University of Ghent. She holds the title of journalist from the Italian National Register of Journalists.
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As the effects of climate change become more visible and extreme, they are likely to affect adversely the lives of children and adolescents all over the world. A commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will benefit all of us - but specially children. Improving the lives of marginalized communities in developing countries means embarking on and funding low carbon development. In this book some 40 experts speak out for and with children on how to protect their future.


Patrizia Faustini

This report explores the ways in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) can contribute to efforts towards meeting child-focused development goals. It serves as a key contribution on which to build informed dialogue and decision making, developed jointly between research, policy and practice.


Patrizia Faustini


Dorothea Kleine; Sammia Poveda; David Hollow


Pinocchio on Trial: Who is guilty? (27 Jun 2019)

Pinocchio is sitting at the defendant’s seat with his lawyer, when the judges enter the hall. On one side the prosecutor looks at him ...

Are children equipped to navigate post-truth societies? (01 Apr 2019)

In 2014 the World Economic Forum called the rapid spread of misinformation online one of the ten most critical issues for our societies.A 20 ...


Looking Back at 30 Years of Research for Children