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Lucia Ferrone

Former Consultant

Lucia joined the Office of Research in November 2014, to work on Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) and child poverty, both in low and middle-income countries. She holds a Ph.D. in Development Economics, and her research interests lie in family and population economics, child well-being, and migration; she is also particularly interested in longitudinal analysis. She is a geek and a feminist, not necessarily in this order.
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Fiscal incidence analysis is the most widely used methodology to assess the distributional effects of fiscal policies. However, for 40 years, it has lacked a child lens. A child focus on the redistributive capacity of fiscal policy is increasingly important due to the disproportionate incidence of poverty among children globally. This paper provides a child-dedicated focus on fiscal incidence analysis by tracking child-relevant benefits, turning children the unit of analysis, and using multidimensional child poverty metrics. The analysis—Commitment to Equity for Children, or CEQ4C—integrates three analytical frameworks, namely, public finance, fiscal incidence analysis, and multidimensional child poverty analysis. The paper develops a proof of concept for Uganda that includes measurement, diagnostics, and a policy simulation package replicable across diverse contexts. The proof of concept confirms that CEQ4C provides a higher-resolution fiscal incidence analysis for children than the traditional fiscal incidence analysis.


Jose Cuesta; Jon Jellema; Yekaterina Chzhen; Lucia Ferrone

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 1.2 implies that both monetary and non-monetary or multidimensional (MD) child poverty would be measured and monitored, and that the associated indicators would be defined nationally. However, very few countries routinely measure child MD poverty.


Lisa Hjelm; Lucia Ferrone; Sudhanshu Handa; Yekaterina Chzhen


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