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Emanuela Bianchera


Emanuela Bianchera, Ph.D. joined the OoR in 2015 to support the applied research programme on adolescent wellbeing. Her role is to ensure the accessibility and uptake of research findings internally and externally. Emanuela’s background is in sociology from the Universities of Oxford, Surrey and Parma. She brings research experience in family, intergenerational and gender relationships as well as specialist expertise in research outreach and online communications.
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Resumen trimestral que destaca las noticias y recursos más significativos de la investigación sobre el bienestar de los adolescentes durante los tres últimos meses.

The Adolescence Research Digest is a quarterly publication of UNICEF’s Office of Research-Innocenti. It synthesizes the latest research evidence, resources and news related to adolescent well-being in low- and middle-income countries. Adolescence is a critically sensitive period in terms of growth and maturity with many rapid transitions about which too little is currently known. The Digest aims to promote awareness and uptake of new adolescent well-being research findings amongst UNICEF staff, practitioners, policymakers and academics in the development and humanitarian sectors.