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Frank Otchere

Social Policy Specialist

Frank is a Statistician and Demographer by training, and has worked on several Transfer Project impact evaluations, including Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe. His research focuses on household production and expenditure decisions, determinants of household mobility and the intersections between demography and socio-economic wellbeing. Frank holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from UNC and was previously a Research Fellow at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, Ghana.
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Overcoming the adolescent financing gap: The Burundi investment case (15 Oct 2020)

Adolescence (10-19 years) is a make or break period when individuals begin to consolidate their physical, cognitive, emotional and socio-eco ...

Do countries have fiscal space for universal child grants? (22 Mar 2019)

It is a known fact that in nearly every country, children are more likely to live in (monetary) poverty than adults (19% versus 9% respectiv ...


Cash Plus

Integrating cash transfers with other services, like health insurance, can generate substantial benefits for individuals as well as their households. ...

Social protection and cash transfers

A multi-country research and learning initiative to provide rigorous evidence on the impact of large-scale national cash transfer programmes.