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Marlous de Milliano; Ilze Plavgo
Full text PDF KB 1345
MODA In Brief 1 - The Basics PDF KB 1053
MODA In Brief 2 - The Distribution PDF KB 371
MODA In Brief 3 - The Overlap PDF KB 500
MODA In Brief 4 - Incidence and Intensity PDF KB 675
MODA In Brief 5 - Composition PDF KB 356
MODA In Brief 6 - Multidimensional PDF KB 395
MODA In Brief 7 - Deprivation and Poverty PDF KB 447
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Child poverty is defined as non-fulfilment of children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation, anchored in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. DHS and MICS household survey data is used, taking the child as unit of analysis and applying a life-cycle approach when selecting dimensions and indicators to capture the different deprivations children experience at different stages of their life. The paper goes beyond mere deprivation rates and identifies the depth of child poverty by analysing the extent to which the different deprivations are experienced simultaneously. The analysis is done across thirty countries in sub-Saharan Africa that together represent 78% of the region’s total population. The findings show that 67% of all the children in the thirty countries suffer from two to five deprivations crucial to their survival and development, corresponding to 247 million out of a total of 368 million children below the age of 18 living in these thirty countries.
SERIESInnocenti Working Papers
SERIES No. 2014-19