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Violence against children: a silent threat

Worldwide estimates show that 1 billion children experience abuse in their lives. In Eastern and Southern Africa recent data indicates that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

Important progress has been made in deepening the understanding of violence against children. More has been learnt as well when it comes to solutions to the problem and what can be done to address it. And yet, violence against children still lacks traction on the public policy agenda and responses are not always effective. Why and what can be done? In our studios we bring Ms Michele Moloney-Kitts, Managing Director, Together for Girls; Ms Amie Kandeh, a leading voice on violence in Sierra Leone; Mr Oswaldo Montoya, Global Coordinator of the MenEngage Alliance; Ms Nduku Kilonzo, Executive Director of Liverpool VCT; and Ms Diane Swales, UNICEF's Child Protection Advisor for East Asia and the Pacific Region.


Chi-Chi Undie, Saiqa Mullick, and Ian Askew - Population Council The Missing ‘C’: Sexual Violence against Children in sub-Saharan Africa
Aaron J. Miller, MD, MPA - Executive Director of BRANCH - Building Regional Alliances to Nurture Child Health Stress as a Factor in Family Violence
James A. Mercy, PhD; Janet Saul, PhD; and Susan Hillis, PhD The Importance of Integrating Efforts to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children
Associate Professor Shanaaz Mathews, Director Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town Preventing violence against children - a child rights approach
Alexander Butchart, Coordinator, Prevention of Violence, World Health Organization Preventing violence against children: what approaches work?
Gretchen Bachman, Senior Technical Advisor and Team Lead, Orphans & Vulnerable Children - USAID Office of HIV/AIDS PEPFAR OVC Inter-Agency, Technical Working Group Co-chair Protecting Children in the Age of HIV and AIDS