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Refugee family arriving in Mosul, Iraq

Social Protection in Emergency Situations

Social protection has increasingly been considered as an effective policy-level intervention for reducing vulnerability and extreme poverty, and for contributing to the development and structural transformation of a society. In their capacity of providing responsive long-term systems, Social Protection programmes can help to reduce poverty, inequality and deprivation, as well as stimulate human development, social peace and resilience.The increased complex and protracted crises that have forced nearly 60 million people, half of them children, to leave their homes due to conflict and violence; the human and economic cost of disasters highlighted the need for considering long-term policy responses able to reach vulnerable populations in a more consistent way. An International Conference on Social Protection in Contexts of Fragility and Forced Displacement took place in Brussels in September 2017 with the aim to shed new light on the prospects of using social protection systems in these contexts; to highlight the opportunity for humanitarian responses either to build on existing social protection systems or to help create them, with a view to work towards a humanitarian-development continuum.Innocenti communication team interviewed six experts attending the Conference to talk about existing challenges, experience and potential social protection programmes in contexts of fragility, forced displacement, and prolonged crisis, as well as to identify future directions for research. Watch the videos and listen to Tilman Bruck, Sheree Bennett, Andrew Kardan, Paolo Verme, Ugo Gentilini and Fabio Veras Soares.
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Tilamn Brück Tilman Brück
Director, International Security and Research Center
Sheree Bennett Sheree Bennett
Technical Advisor, International Rescue Committee
Fabio Veras Soares Fabio Veras Soares
Research Coordinator, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth
Paolo Verme Paolo Verme
Sr. Economist, World Bank HQ
Andrew Kardan Andrew Kardan
Country Office Co-director, Oxford Policy Management
Ugo Gentilini Ugo Gentilini
Sr. Economist, World Bank HQ


JACOB_DE HOOP Jacobus De Hoop
Humanitarian Policy Specialist (Research), UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti
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