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What are children protection networks? Global mapping and analysis in view of actions on monitoring and reporting of child rights violations in conflict-affected areas

UNICEF - Programme Division - Child Protection Section - Office of Emergency Programmes

The phrase "child protection network" has increasingly been used to refer to a variety of structures involved in child protection programming, policy and coordination work. This has especially gained currency in global discussions on monitoring and reporting regarding children and armed conflict. In particular, Security Council resolution 1612 (2005) establishes a child rights violations monitoring and reporting mechanism in which “task forces”, at the country level, are proposed to draw from "child protection networks". In view of the increasing look to child protection networks (CPNs) to play a specific role in monitoring and reporting (M&R) of rights violations, UNICEF commissioned this analysis to develop an overview of what CPNs are, what they are not, and what questions and risks need to be considered regarding CPN roles in M&R. The resulting CPN study found wide diversity in the structure and purpose of CPNs and indicates that significant investments are needed at the field level, both in human resources and in infrastructure, for the specific skills and tasks in M&R work on child rights violations.