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European network for a research agenda on children in armed conflict

The European Network for a Research Agenda on Children and Armed Conflict is a follow-up action to the “Filling Knowledge Gaps: a Research Agenda on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Children” seminar convened in Florence in July 2001. Funded by the Government of Italy, the Network aims to facilitate the prioritization, documentation and dissemination of multi-disciplinary research activities on children and armed conflict undertaken by Europe-based research institutions. It seeks to identify the knowledge gaps and potential areas for enhanced collaborative research in issues related to children and armed conflict. In support to the Network, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre works in collaboration with the Istituto degli Innocenti (IDI). The project addresses four principal areas: 1) The development of a EuroChiCoNet database, 2) UNICEF IRC research on Birth Registration and Armed Conflict, 3) enhancing documentation in the Innocenti Library, and 4) supporting IDI activities in relevant areas.