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Global social protection monitor

Social protection is gaining momentum in many low and middle-income countries. As initiatives multiply in this field, maintaining a global database on social protection systems around the world is needed to facilitate exchange of knowledge and stimulate discussion. In recent years serious contributions have been made by, among others, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), McGill University, the Economic Policy Research Institute, UNICEF and the World Bank.

The Global Social Protection Monitor initiative wants to build on these efforts by seeking collaboration between the various initiatives. The database intends to combine and consolidate the efforts of the ILO, McGill University and UNICEF as well as other partners that choose to join the initiative. Keeping a global database on social protection systems up-to-date will be useful in particular to: national governments to demonstrate what their country has achieved and learn about promising initiatives elsewhere; regional bodies willing to ensure minimum standards; and global development partners, especially under the United Nations’ Social Protection Floor initiative (SPF-I) aimed at ensuring a basic set of social rights, services and facilities that every person should enjoy.