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Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: documenting and learning from the process of social change set in motion by the CRC

The almost universal ratification of the CRC and its widespread implementation in countries with different political, economic and social contexts has led to a process of social change unique in the history of UN treaties. To document such a process and to complement previous work in this area, IRC is currently developing a study on the impact of the CRC, with a distinctive focus on "general measures of implementation" of the CRC - measures which make possible the sustained monitoring, promotion and protection of the Convention’s substantive rights and to which the General Assembly Special Session on Children has given a particular emphasis in A World fir for Children (§31). In this process, a particular emphasis has been given to the following "general measures": - The process of law reform; - Establishment of independent national human rights institutions for children; - Development of comprehensive national agendas or strategies for implementation of the Convention; - Establishment of children’s rights-focused governmental permanent institutions or structures. This research programme aims to assemble lessons learned and good practice to support international and national efforts to advance the realization of children’s rights. Publications and workshops will promote cross-fertilization of ideas and debate within and between regions. The study focuses on some 60 States from different regions, States that have largely been twice through the CRC reporting cycle. It also reviews material collected from more than 140 national reports submitted in the context of the End Decade Review of the World Summit for Children and the process leading to the Special Session on Children


Summary Report of the Study on the Impact of the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Summary Report of the Study on the Impact of the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The CRC Implementation Report addresses areas where the potential of the treaty can be maximized, to advance the cause of children's rights and support UNICEF's agenda. The study focuses on the general measures of implementation of the CRC in 62 countries, with a particular emphasis on legal and institutional reforms at the national level aimed at ensuring the effective application and enforcement of the provisions of the CRC.