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MICS data collection and analysis on poverty, wealth and deprivation

Through the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) programme UNICEF supports the collection of data on the situation of children and women. Current questionnaires include questions on areas such as education, health, gender equality, rights and protection. The purpose of this particular project is to explore the possibility of complementing the MICS surveys with a measurement of (monetary) welfare.

Consumption expenditure is probably the most common and preferred welfare indicator. However, accurate measurement is a challenging and time consuming task. Questionnaire design, in particular issues such as the method of data capture, the level of respondent, the length of the reference period and the degree of commodity detail, significantly affect both costs and accuracy of the consumption estimates obtained.

Short consumption modules potentially have enormous advantages; time and cost saving considerations make them an appealing option. For this project, two different short consumption modules will therefore be proposed and tested against a benchmark. Accuracy of consumption estimates obtained as well as time and cost savings considerations will be analysed.