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Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Theory (MODA): methodology and analysis

With a view to inform policy makers and programmatic directions, the MODA project identifies the most deprived children, those suffering multiple and overlapping deprivations. A key contributor to the equity agenda, this new approach analyses data from MICS, DHS and other sources to allow a disaggregated description of child poverty and deprivation. The completed design and field testing of the Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) tool is being carried out in collaboration with the Division of Policy and Strategy and Programme Division (New York), and roll out is anticipated to some 85 countries by end 2013. From early 2013 countries will be added to the dedicated website, thereby giving access to data measuring single and multi-dimensional deprivation of children. The information available in MODA is a prime contributor to situation analyses (SitAn) and to monitoring for equity results (MoRES).

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