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Social Policies

With regard to the obligation of states to ensure the progressive realization of rights, and to provide resources for children “to the maximum extent possible” (Article 4 of the CRC), the outcome document of the Quito consultation on the human rights-based approach to programming (HRBAP) indicates that UNICEF’s attention should not be limited to social sector spending (including national budgets, allocations within the social expenditure envelope, etc), but should look at the broader picture (e.g. tax policy and tax burden, budget allocations among sectors, public debt, etc). The aim is to influence the budgeting and policy-making process so that government budgets and policies realize children’s rights; to influence the social content of economic and fiscal policy; to engender social mobilization, consensus, inclusiveness and participation; and to monitor public expenditure and governance.

Projects 2014-2015

Cash transfers project
Family and parenting support: policies, practice and outcomes
Poverty and the Safe Transition to Adulthood
Archived projects


ICTs & Children
Making the Investment Case for Social Protection
What Does the Evidence Say about the Impact of Social Transfers on Child Protection Outcomes


Decentralized implementation of social protection in Asia
Global social protection monitor
Social Protection Capacity-Building Programme in Africa
Social protection snapshots and trends for selected countries
The impact of social protection on the lives of children


Resources and policies for children
The situation of children in transition countries (CEE/CIS region)


Innocenti Social Monitor


Basic social services
European monetary union and children
Monitoring in the CEE/CIS and Baltics: the MONEE project
Social progress over the last 20 years: have all children benefited?
The new plague: HIV/AIDS, development and child welfare


Determinants, Social Norms, and Violence
Towards a New Agenda for Children in the Southern Mediterranean Countries


Child welfare
Monitoring in the CEE/CIS and Baltics: the MONEE project


Children in industrialized countries
Monitoring in the CEE/CIS and Baltics: the MONEE project


Children in industrialized countries