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Conflict and Displacement

UNICEF's Core Commitments for Children in Emergencies provide the framework for action in protecting children during emergencies and transition. Such action includes commitments to assess, monitor and report on severe or systematic abuse, violence and exploitation; to assist in the prevention of separation and identification and reunification and care of separated and other vulnerable children; to prevent the recruitment and use of children, negotiate release of those recruited and facilitate their reintegration; to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children and women, and provide post rape care; and to support the establishment of safe environments for children and integrate psychosocial support in responses.

Projects 2016-2018

Humanitarian researchHumanitarian research
Archived projects


Children affected by armed conflictChildren affected by armed conflict
Children and transitional justiceChildren and transitional justice


European network for a research agenda on children in armed conflictEuropean network for a research agenda on children in armed conflict


Improving UNICEF staff capacityImproving UNICEF staff capacity