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TransMONEE and the Social Monitor of social protection in CEE/CIS

The proposed Social Monitor builds on the tradition of previous UNICEF reports on the living conditions and vulnerability of children in the countries of CEE/CIS with the aim to serve as basis for advocacy and policy debate in the region. The MONEE Regional Monitoring Reports (1992-2001) and the Social Monitors (from 2002) have been the main vehicles of UNICEF research results, highlighting the major social trends and implication of policy changes during the economic crisis in the early transition, in the phase of economic recovery and again with the global economic crisis in 2008-09.

The mix of countries with common historical trajectories but different (and in most of the cases growing) levels of economic and social development represents an opportunity to compare and share lessons around social sector reforms that benefit children. However, the region’s segmentation and increasing differentiation in terms of child wellbeing, represents, at the same time, a great challenge to this study. It is envisaged that while general trends will be analysed for all countries included, in-depth analysis of specific issues around social protection reform for children will focus on a more limited number of countries from each of the main sub-regions for which recent evidence is available.